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BBC among news outlets adopting new Instagram TV platform in bid to reach younger audiences on demand – Press Gazette
Ciara Riordan, deputy social news editor BBC News said to Press Gazette: “We’re looking to give our followers a longer, more immersive version of stories we know have appeal on Instagram already.
“Stories that cover human interest, diversity, people helping each other out, first person story-telling, big news stories and exclusive BBC News interviews and features.”
instagram  igtv  onlinevideo  BBC  sm  youth 
5 hours ago by paulbradshaw
How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit
The BBC’s reporting of the scandals around the Brexit referendum is not biased or unbalanced: it barely exists. It is as though the US networks had decided the Mueller investigation was no concern of theirs. There have been three huge stories the BBC has covered with only the most perfunctory reports: the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data leak, the Brexit campaign funding scandal, and the exposure of Russian interference in British politics.
When the whistleblower Christopher Wylie brought The Observer and The New York Times details of how data Cambridge Analytica … Cadwalladr and Wylie offered the BBC a share of the story. … But like Eliot rejecting Orwell, the BBC’s investigative program Panorama backed away. There was no “smoking gun,” it said. Within days, the smoke from Facebook’s burning reputation was billowing from its Palo Alto headquarters.

The pattern repeated itself with Shahmir Sanni from the Vote Leave campaign …. Vote Leave was the supposedly respectable face of British nationalism. … One leading London lawyer said the breach was of a scale and seriousness beyond anything Britain had seen in modern times. Once again, the BBC did not want the scoop. “We don’t have enough evidence to turn this around in three weeks,” a Panorama bureaucrat wrote to Cadwalladr.
by:NickCohen  from:TheNewYorkReviewOfBooks  Brexit  BBC  journalism  politics  CaroleCadwalladr  ArronBanks  bias 
2 days ago by owenblacker
I’m confident won’t show all the American flags I saw today at a rally in . Plenty…
FreeTommyRobbinson  London  BBC  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by andriak
Attenborough launches 'Boaty McBoatface' polar ship - BBC News
Sir David Attenborough has launched the hull of the UK's newest polar ship, which is named after him.

Saturday was an important milestone for the ship, whose development has been followed closely since an online campaign tried to get it named "Boaty McBoatface".

Boaty McBoatface lives on in the form of a yellow submarine.
bbc  news  video  science  exploration  nature 
2 days ago by ndf
How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit | The New York Review of Books
"What is the point of the BBC if it cannot tackle issues of national importance? What is the point of a news organization that is frightened of journalism?"
journalism  BBC  Brexit  britishness  politics  bloodytories 
4 days ago by gominokouhai

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