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How can a distracted generation learn anything? | BBC
Today’s students have a problem, and it’s not the one written on the board. They’re so accustomed to constant stimuli from smartphone apps and streaming platforms that they can’t concentrate in class. Katie Davis, associate professor in the Information School and adjunct associate professor of education at the UW, is quoted.
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Only Fools and Horses – The Musical review: vintage gags need better tunes | Stage | The Guardian
Amid the delightful comic dialogue, some of the musical numbers can feel like padding
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BBC apologises for hot mic swearing during Labour split broadcast | Media | The Guardian
Commentator overheard lamenting MPs’ resignations during press conference
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Owen Bennett-Jones · Can’t Afford to Tell the Truth: Trouble at the BBC · LRB 20 December 2018
For all the talk of how much the BBC values original journalism, it is in fact very nervous of it. The vast bulk of its output merely turns around sanctioned news from officials, corporations and NGOs, or curates stories generated by other news organisations. Most BBC journalists neither break stories nor see it as their job to do so. It is not unknown for BBC journalists who do want to break new ground to leak their stories to the Times or the Guardian. Once editors see it in print they will be more comfortable broadcasting it.

Those who value the BBC will be nervous about the future. But, given that the licence fee is unsustainable, the important question is how to manage the change that is coming. It is worth keeping in mind that things could be improved. The BBC’s failure to challenge authority, its nervousness about telling the truth and its inefficiency are all related to the way it is funded. New arrangements – subscription seems the most likely candidate – should enable it to remain an important non-privately-owned cultural institution. After all, Sky subscribers pay far more than the licence fee, providing Sky with an income more than twice as big as the BBC’s for a far less comprehensive service. Government subsidies, presumably distributed through quangos, could provide extra funding for output in areas in which the market is unlikely to deliver, such as the Proms, high-quality speech radio and children’s TV. The BBC will never embrace such a future: giving up a guaranteed multi-billion-pound income backed by the criminal justice system isn’t easy. Instead, it will seek to defend the licence fee to the bitter end. Whatever funding proposals are made, the BBC will still need to confront the post-truth world, either embracing it by going tribal or trying to make due impartiality look relevant in a world where an increasing number of people want to see their opinions clearly reflected in the media they consume. Picking a way through these challenges will require a nimbleness an organisation the size of the BBC is unlikely to achieve. As the more energetic and capable senior executives mutter when they leave for the private sector, it is too big to be reformed.
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2 days ago by mike
‘We've had a love-hate relationship’: Steve Coogan on bringing Alan Partridge back to the BBC | Television & radio | The Guardian
Twenty-five years since he first appeared on screen, the immortal presenter is back where he began. His creator explains why a divided nation needs him more than ever
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3 days ago by tonys
Will quitting Instagram make me happy? - BBC News
Nicole and Tali are Instagram besties. But the pressure to get more likes and followers is taking its toll.
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3 days ago by noodlepie
BBC Sound Effects - Research & Education Space
These 16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence.
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4 days ago by fabianmohr
The Century of the Self (2002)
Interesting 4-part series that postulates Freud's ideas have been used to control the hoi polloi in democracies. Found the first and last episodes to be the most interesting as they had the most novel and engaging facts. While the historical facts were well explained, there were some persuasive elements and attribution of intent that would require further research to believe. Some interesting things I learned:
- Bernays and the influence he had on American culture
- How pragmatic Americans were when it came to purchasing through WW 1
- Instant bake recipes with nothing to add failed b/c it was too easy and made housewives feel guilty. So an egg was given to lessen the guilt and allow cooks to give a symbolic contribution
- How much the Clinton campaign catered to swing state voters using psychoanalysis techniques (feelings about issues). And then Blair copied the same plan
meta: May be useful to put under mini-tv-series later. Could be useful to tag this is watchable online
rating: 7
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