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Reliquary: Led Zeppelin [1969.03.19] Maida Vale Studio 4 [FM] FLAC + MP3
Led Zeppelin
Maida Vale Studio 4
London, England
Wednesday March 19th, 1969
FM Broadcast Recording
Encoded: FLAC + 320 Kbps MP3
Track List:
01. Alexis Korner Intro
02. What Is And What Should Never Be
03. I Can't Quit You
04. You Shook Me [cut]
05. Sunshine Woman
Radio broadcast taken, I believe from the acetate since the masters
had been destroyed. 'Anybody Got A Les Paul' contained more tracks
than this, but this is only the 'Maida Vale Studio' tracks from it. -Original
ledzep  music  bootlegs  bbc  60s  radio  download 
yesterday by rgl7194
BBC newsreader Richard Baker dies aged 93 | UK news | The Guardian
Presenter long associated with Radio 3’s classical music shows was known for his smooth delivery
bbc  obit 
yesterday by tonys
BBC women complain after Andrew Neil tweet about Observer journalist | Media | The Guardian
Senior female journalists say deleting comment about Carole Cadwalladr not enough
2 days ago by tonys
BBC Two - Politics Live
BBC Two Politics Live Home Episodes Clips Contact Us Main content Politics Live The political stories of the day. On iPlayer 16/11/2018 All available episodes…
politics  bbc  television  news  streaming 
2 days ago by asaltydog
IBM’s machine argues, pretty convincingly, with humans - BBC News, Jun 2018
On a stage in San Francisco, IBM’s Project Debater spoke, listened and rebutted a human’s arguments in what was described as a groundbreaking display of artificial intelligence.

The machine drew from a library of “hundreds of millions” of documents - mostly newspaper articles and academic journals - to form its responses to a topic it was not prepared for beforehand.
AI  debate  discussion  conversation  BBC 
3 days ago by pierredv
Jacob Cockle - BBC News
Mark McGregor writes: “Huge congratulations to Duncan Leatherdale and Dave Green, who have been nominated for a prestigious British Journalism Award for their Shorthand production about Jacob Cockle, the adventurer and photographer who died when he was sucked into a whirlpool trying to get the perfect shot. The story of his short but remarkable life was known to few outside of his friends and family, before this longform feature brought it to a mass audience. Dealing with universal topics - the power of grief, the thrill of living and the precariousness of life - the feature took millions of readers on an emotional journey. They witnessed Jacob’s paradoxical struggle: to give his life meaning, he threw himself into activities that were increasingly more likely to end it. Jacob’s journey took him – and our readers - across the globe, spawning many extraordinary photographs that were used to illustrate this visually compelling piece of journalism.
longformeg  bbc  humaninterest 
3 days ago by paulbradshaw
California 2018 wildfires: Should you escape on foot or in a car? | BBC News
California's latest catastrophic wildfire, the Camp Fire, was impossible to outrun when it first began burning. Officials say winds caused the blaze to burn through 80 miles (128km) of Northern California's hillside in just one hour. David Peterson, professor of environmental and forest sciences at the UW, is quoted.
BBC  Peterson.David  !UWitM  2018  School:Environmental&Forest.Sciences  College:Environment  natl  wildfire 
4 days ago by uwnews

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