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Topographic Map Viewer - Province of British Columbia
The Topographic Map Viewer allows users to view and download topographic maps of B.C.
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8 days ago by yankeh
Three BC Mayors: Do this to make housing more affordable | Times Colonist
Specifically, we have the following four requests for the federal government:

1. We request a GST exemption on rental housing construction projects, and also the maintenance and repairs of existing rental buildings, on the condition that the exempted taxes can be demonstrably used to lower rents and to increase security of tenure.

2. We request direct funding for non-market housing to be granted to local and regional governments.

3. We request an acceleration of the National Housing Strategy, rolling important NHS initiatives out over the next five years, instead of 10.

4. We request that the federal government create a nation-wide Rental Rehabilitation Assistance Program. While Canada’s purpose-built market rental housing stock is aging and in many cases could use considerable renewal, this aging stock also provides relatively affordable housing for tenants, many of whom have low to moderate income levels.
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17 days ago by badeconomist

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