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Organic Mattresses, Latex Sofas & Natural Bedding | Savvy Rest
Customize your organic mattress with Dunlop or Talalay latex. Find Savvy Rest mattresses, sofas, toppers, and pillows online or at a dealer near you.
organic  bedding  furniture  mattress  pillow 
7 weeks ago by lgtout
Nest Bedding Alexander Filppable Mattress Review
Nest Bedding is one of my favorite mattress companies. That’s because they provide amazing products at great prices. In this review, I test out the Alexander Signature Select mattress from Nest Bedding. This bed is a significant step up from the vast majority of online mattress brands.
Nest  Bedding  Alexander  Filppable  Mattress  Review 
july 2019 by vishalingole
The 13 Best Picks for Masculine Bedding: Comforters, Duvet Covers, and Blankets for Men with Style
It’s time to upgrade your comforter from “university student” to “young professional.”
bed  bedding  home 
july 2019 by egwillim
Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid Mattress Review
The Bloom Hybrid mattress is an all natural offering from Brooklyn Bedding. It comes in three different firmness options, soft, medium, and firm. For this review, I chose to review the medium feel. I found this mattress to have a nice, plush feel, even at the medium firmness. Because the comfort layer is latex instead of foam it will be easier to move around on even though you will sink in a fair amount. Because this mattress uses premium materials like Talalay latex, organic cotton and Joma wool, the price point is going to be higher but the mattress will be more durable and will have a longer lifespan. A queen size currently retails for $1,799 before discounts.
brooklyn  bedding  bloom  hybrid  mattress  review 
july 2019 by vishalingole

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