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How to start a Go project in 2018
"Getting started with a Go project in 2018 is frankly a little more painful then getting anything else started IMHO. With that here is what I have been doing to get started."
programming  golang  beginner  environment  reference 
4 days ago by sometimesfood
So, you want to learn AWS? AKA, "How do I learn to be a Cloud Engineer?"
Checklist of basic tasks to complete to learn/use the most important AWS services. Good for a beginner.
aws  cloud  learning  reddit  beginner 
8 days ago by orange
The Beginner's Guide to Reddit
In 2005, two recent college graduates launched a website with a simple idea: they would let the online community decide what was newsworthy and what wasn’t by letting them post their own links and information. They’d then allow the site’s users to vote on those posts, with the idea that the very best would rise to the top.
reddit  beginner  guide 
12 days ago by morwyn

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