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General Anesthesia For Hernia Surgery In Children And Risk Of Later Developmental Problems -- ScienceDaily
After adjusting for age, gender, race and such complicating birth diagnoses as low weight, the association between hernia surgery under general anesthesia and behavioral diagnoses was twice that in children who did not have surgery.
autism  adhd  behavior  brain  parenting  anesthesia 
yesterday by mdpatrick
If you just message “hi” and nothing else I assume I’m getting fired
“Communication styles online have unspooled way faster than anyone can make sense of them.”
behavior  insight  essay  etiquette  digital  messaging  tumblr 
5 days ago by eugenexxv
Seem 2.0 |
lol rly ominous circuitbreakers - this brings up an interesting point, though, that things like car engines and circuitbreakers should actively resist stupid Apple-style "seamless" design
design  theory  object  infrastructure  home-automation  behavior  architecture 
6 days ago by akamediasystem

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