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My Kid’s Behavior Is Not a Good Barometer of My Parenting
Don’t blame or praise parents for their kids’ behavior, a mom writes. Kids’ “good” behavior isn’t always the result of good parenting; “bad” behavior doesn’t indicate bad parenting.
Parenting  Behavior 
2 days ago by yaitorr
am I the asshole? behavior rules
Be interesting to see how these would play in other commenting/social networking scenarios.
reddit  weekly  behavior  social 
6 days ago by twwoodward
Why speaking to yourself in the third person makes you wiser (Aeon)
David Robson (a science journalist specialising in the extremes of the human brain, body and behaviour), Aeon, 2019-Aug-9
2019  DavidRobson  behavior  social-sciences 
12 days ago by amoore
The Intelligence Trap -Robson, 2019
Why smart people do stupid things and how to make wiser decisions; David Robson, March 2019, Hachette (UK), ISBN-13: 9781473669833
DavidRobson  2019  social-sciences  behavior 
12 days ago by amoore
The Shift Wheel: Changing Consumer Purchasing | World Resources Institute
To help shift people’s diets, we propose a new framework based on proven private sector marketing tactics: the Shift Wheel.
marketing  climatechange  behavior  diagram  picture 
15 days ago by npdoty

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