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Asch Experiment | Simply Psychology
Summary of the experiment that suggested that many people will give clearly, objectively wrong answers rather than go against a group consensus. Involved comparing the lengths of lines on two cards, and saying which two matched.
psychology  conformity  behavior 
4 days ago by johnmfrench
The Lifespan of a Lie – Trust Issues – Medium
On the Stanford Prison Experiment, which continues to be referenced and taught as an example of the effect of situational pressures on individual behavior, despite deep and well-known flaws and even outright lies told by Zimbardo about how the experiment progressed.
history  psychology  prisons  behavior 
4 days ago by johnmfrench
Lemming Suicide Myth, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
[…] the lemming scenes were faked. The lemmings supposedly committing mass suicide by leaping into the ocean were actually thrown off a cliff by the Disney filmmakers. The epic "lemming migration" was staged using careful editing, tight camera angles and a few dozen lemmings running on snow covered lazy-Susan style turntable.
animals  behavior  television  history  nature  articles 
5 days ago by mikael
What is the Monkeysphere? |
Humans start being asses to other humans outside of their tribe, which is roughly defined at 150 people...
psychology  culture  society  monkeysphere  humor  monkey  sociology  animal  behavior  research  brain  social  science  community  tribe 
8 days ago by asteroza
The Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicidal Behavior: Current Empirical Status
The interpersonal-psychological theory of suicidal behavior (Joiner, 2005) proposes that an individual will not die by suicide unless s/he has both the desire to die by suicide and the ability to do so. What is the desire for suicide, and what are its constituent parts? What is the ability to die by suicide and in whom and how does it develop?
suicide  psychology  deliberate  self-harm  DSH  Thomas  Joiner  ThomasJoiner  theory  behavior  behaviour  empirical  APA 
11 days ago by userX

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