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How industries are being disrupted through stories | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
But they didn’t know it. “This is insane,” the brand manager said in exasperation. “All these new companies have come into our market. They’re selling virtually the same shirts that we are for $70. Our price is $20. How are they getting away with it?”
how  industries  are  being 
5 weeks ago by marshallk
Douglas Rushkoff -- Fighting for #TeamHuman
McKenzie: In Team Human, you discuss people who are "spoilsports" -- they are the ones who don't opt into the system. Why are spoilsports so vital?

Rushkoff: Spoilsports call attention to the cracks in the system by not playing the game. If you work too hard at not playing the game, it could mean you're almost playing the game again. Punk is a good example of this. Was punk anti-consumer fashion or was it just a different consumer fashion? To be a spoilsport, you have to refuse to acknowledge the rules of the game at all. They don't stay on the field and instead are looking for liminal spaces between one thing and another. The liminal space is where there is value.
community  being 
6 weeks ago by shhh
Into Distance Unknown/ ghostboi
Sam’s heart lurched in his chest, and he felt rage creeping up his ribs, replacing the shock and disbelief. He tried to fight it down but it was choking him, suffocating him. His father had used Dean as bait for a werewolf.'

Dean gets bitten after John does the stupid thing.
Fuck John Winchester, Sam isn't going to let anyone put a bullet in his brother.
WerewolvesJohn  Winchester's  A+  ParentingProtective  Dean  WinchesterProtective  Sam  WinchesterPossessive  BehaviorPossessive  WinchesterbittenAngstHurt/ComfortFirst  TimeMatesProtective  Bobby  SingerJohn  Winchester  Being  an  AssholeWincest  -  FreeformEmotional  Hurt/ComfortScents  &  SmellsJohn  does  the  stupid  thingTop  WinchesterBottom  SamEventual  Happy  EndingSlow  Burn 
9 weeks ago by shalene72
Søren Kierkegaard –  Anxiety
“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”
10 weeks ago by shhh
In Praise of Walking - Thomas A Clark
In Praise of Walking
Early one morning, any morning, we can set out, with the least
possible baggage, and discover the world.

It is quite possible to refuse all the coercion, violence, property,
triviality, to simply walk away.

That something exists outside ourselves and our preoccupations,
so near, so readily available, is our greatest blessing.

Walking is the human way of getting about.

Always, everywhere, people have walked, veining the earth with
paths, visible and invisible, symmetrical and meandering.

There are walks in which we tread in the footsteps of others,
walks on which we strike out entirely for ourselves.

A journey implies a destination, so many miles to be consumed,
while a walk is its own measure, complete at every point along
the way.

There are things we will never see, unless we walk to them.

Walking is a mobile form of waiting.

What I take with me, what I leave behind, are of less importance
than what I discover along the way.

To be completely lost is a good thing on a walk.

The most distant places seem most accessible once one is on
the road.

Convictions, directions, opinions, are of less importance than
sensible shoes.

In the course of a walk, we usually find out something about our
companion, and this is true even when we travel alone.

When I spend a day talking I feel exhausted, when I spend it
walking I am pleasantly tired.

The pace of the walk will determine the number and variety of
things to be encountered, from the broad outlines of a mountain
range to a tit’s nest among the lichen, and the quality of attention
that will be brought to bear upon them.

A rock outcrop, a hedge, a fallen tree, anything that turns us out
of our way, is an excellent thing on a walk.

Wrong turnings, doubling back, pauses and digressions, all contribute
to the dislocation of a persistent self-interest.

Everything we meet is equally important or unimportant.

The most lonely places are the most lovely.

Walking is egalitarian and democratic; we do not become experts
at walking and one side of the road is as good as another.

Walking is not so much romantic as reasonable.

The line of a walk is articulate in itself, a kind of statement.

Pools, walls, solitary trees, are natural halting places.

We lose the flavour of walking if it becomes too rare or too
extraordinary, if it turns into an expedition; rather it should be
quite ordinary, unexceptional, just what we do.

Daily walking, in all weathers, in every season, becomes a sort of
ground or continuum upon which the least emphatic occurrences
are registered clearly.

A stick of ash or blackthorn, through long use, will adjust itself
to the palm.

Of the many ways through a landscape, we can choose, on each
occasion, only one, and the project of a walk will be to remain
responsive, adequate, to the consequences of the choice we have
made, to confirm the chosen way rather than refuse the others.

One continues on a long walk not through effort of will but through

Storm clouds, rain, hail, when we have survived these we seem
to have taken on some of the solidity of rocks and trees.

A day, from dawn to dusk, is the natural span of a walk.

A dull walk is not without value.

To walk for hours on a clear night is the largest experience
we can have.

For the right understanding of a landscape, information
must come to the intelligence from all the senses.

Looking, singing, resting, breathing are all complementary
to walking.

Climbing uphill, the horizon grows wider, descending, the hills
gather round.

We can take a walk which is a sampling of different airs: the
invigorating air of the heights; the filtered air of a pine forest;
the rich air over ploughed earth.

We can walk between two places, and in so doing establish a link
between them, bring them into a warmth of contact, like
introducing two friends.

There are walks on which I lose myself, walks which return me to
myself again.

Is there anything better that to be out, walking, in the
clear air?

Thomas A. Clark
10 weeks ago by shhh
Being normal is not a point of differentiation | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
The company was sponsoring a woman’s sports team and announced in bold headlines that they were going to begin supporting this team at the same level they’ve supported the men’s team for years. I told my friend that I didn’t get it.
being  normal  is  not  a  poi 
may 2019 by marshallk

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