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Test IPv6 - Test de vitesse et connectivit� IPv6/4 est un service gratuit qui vous permet de tester le support des protocoles IPv6/4, diagnostiquer votre connexion Internet, et connaitre vos adresses IP et le protocole pr�f�r� par votre navigateur dans le cas ou les deux sont disponibles.
internet  web  test  benchmark 
4 days ago by Spoof
iPerf - L'outil de mesure de la bande passante TCP, UDP et SCTP
Binaires iPerf3 - Mesure de débit en TCP, UDP et SCTP
internet  web  test  benchmark  fai 
4 days ago by Spoof
Unicorn vs. Puma vs. Passenger: which app server is right for you?
An app server's raw speed is unlikely to be a factor for the vast majority of apps.

The execution time of your application code, database queries, and HTTP calls likely dwarfs the microsecond or millisecond difference in response times among Ruby's app servers.
rails  ruby  benchmark  appserver  sysop 
4 days ago by lsdr
MySQL 异步驱动浅析 (一):性能分析 - 掘金
本文由 Jilen 发表在 ScalaCool 团队博客。 Mysql Async 是一个 Scala 编写的,基于 Netty 实现的非阻塞异步数据库驱动。在本系列文章中我们将逐步分析: 与传统的 JDBC 驱动相比有何优势 Mysql Async 异步驱
benchmark  java 
6 days ago by jinwik
Benchmark | Corona Renderer
The benchmark runs using Corona Renderer 1.3, which is an older version of Corona Renderer – updating the benchmark to a newer version of Corona Renderer would have no impact on the relative performance of 2 different CPUs and would only invalidate all the results gathered so far, so staying with the older version is actually useful from the point of view of a benchmark application. For using Corona Renderer as a render engine, naturally the newer (and faster) versions are better!

Installation and Use
It’s easy to use: save, extract, and run the file. Benchmark starts to render the testing scene automatically and shows the result at the end, with an option to submit the result to this page. You can also copy it to the benchmark forum thread.
benchmark  CPU  GPU  benchmarking  reddit  AMD  2700U 
8 days ago by coffeebucket
TechEpiphany - YouTube
Tech Epiphany / TechEpiphany:
Idiot doing tech analysis, reviews, benchmarks and unboxings.
Focusing mostly on budget hardware like APU's and exotic hardware.

Testing AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, Ryzen 3 2200G, Ryzen 7 2700U, Ryzen 5 2500U, A12-9800, A12-9800E, A10-9700, A10-9700E, A8-9600, A6-9500, A6-9500E
and much more.
YouTube  Ryzen  benchmark  channel 
8 days ago by coffeebucket
Lenovo E485 Review - Kirides - Coding & Tech
While working with my old Aspire VN7-591G, i found that i needed a new notebook, one that is designed to be portable and to last longer than two hours.

That was when i stumbled across the brand new Lenovo E485 - a AMD Ryzen R5 2500u powered notebook, which supposedly has a good battery life of about nine hours (we’ll find out if that’s true) and modern hardware.
Lenovo  ThinkPad  laptop  review  Ryzen  reddit  BIOS  benchmark 
12 days ago by coffeebucket

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