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I tried leaving Facebook. I couldn’t - The Verge
It’s hard to pin down what Facebook is because the platform replaces labor that was previously invisible. We have a hard time figuring out what Facebook actually is because we have a hard time admitting that at least part of what it supplanted is emotional labor — hard and valuable work that no one wants to admit was work to begin with.

Stamos was nice about it, but that only encouraged my stubborn streak. I wasn’t going to submit to the identity police, I was going to be a Pokemon on Facebook if it killed me. An editor agreed to provide a letter verifying that I did go by the name A Literal Psyduck and an amused administrator at Yale also wrote up an endorsement.
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21 days ago by tjwds
The True Size Of ...
compare sizes of countries and other areas
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24 days ago by tjwds
Be likeable or get fired! - Renato Athaydes
Good read even though it's clearly one-sided — a lot to get out of this one outside of what the author is directly saying
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4 weeks ago by tjwds
The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font — Quartz
"This has been possible for a number of years, but Chinese always posed a particular problem: with so many glyphs, the fonts require huge downloads for users that have not visited the site before, putting a strain on bandwidth both for user and provider. (A Chinese font can run up to 6 or 7 megabytes for a single style and weight. Compare that to PT Serif—Quartz’s body font, which covers over 100 Latin languages—which is just 1.4 megabytes for four styles.) Now Chinese webfont providers cleverly scan through a webpage’s text to identify which glyphs are required, and send only those to the user instead of all 13,000-plus."
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5 weeks ago by tjwds

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