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Using strftime in a Rails view is probably a mistake - Andy Croll
Instead of…
…using strftime in your views to format dates and times:

<%= @user.last_signed_in_at.strftime("%m-%e-%y %H:%M") %>
…the built in Rails time and date formats. Or add to them, like I do here, creating my own :stamp format for Date and Time.
rails  ruby  best-practice  web  programming 
3 days ago by schmlblk
Responsive design ground rules
Basic dos and don't, but still a useful collection of helpful reminders
design  tips  best-practice 
9 days ago by snlsn
JavaScript Clean Code - Best Practices
Based on that, the clean code can be defined as the code written in such a manner that is self-explanatory, easy to understand by humans and easy to change or extend.

best-practice  javascript  programming  web 
7 weeks ago by schmlblk

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