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Spellbook of Modern Web Dev
A Big Picture, Thesaurus, and Taxonomy of Modern JavaScript Web Development
What I'm doing in this document now is trying to provide the complete view angle of modern web (app or page) development ruled by JavaScript, reflect technological advance and help developers to acquire APIs, libraries, tools, services, best practices and learning resource which are not outdated and most commonly used.
webdev  development  programming  javascript  web  smashingmag  github  tools  best-practices  learning  nodejs  html  css 
4 days ago by davidgasperoni
Rebex SSH Check
Rebex SSH Check is a testing tool for SSH servers accessible over internet. The report contains an overview of SSH configuration of the server as well as security recommendations. The service is free.
ssh  lint  best-practices  tools 
9 days ago by blaenk

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