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tls - Is publishing CRLs over HTTP a potential vulnerability? - Information Security Stack Exchange
"Using HTTPS to serve CRL is just wasted resources; it may even prevent CRL download from working since some implementations (e.g. Windows) refuse to follow HTTPS URL when validating certificates (be it for CRL, OCSP, or extra intermediate CA download), because that would mean SSL, then another certificate to validate, and possibly an endless loop."
tls  pki  ca  work  sysadmin  best-practices  cryptography 
8 days ago by kr4d
C++ Core Guidelines
The C++ Core Guidelines are a set of tried-and-true guidelines, rules, and best practices about coding in C++
c++  best-practices  programming 
8 days ago by dekekincaid
Time - ArchWiki
"If you have multiple operating systems installed in the same machine, they will all derive the current time from the same hardware clock: for this reason you must make sure that all of them see the hardware clock as providing time in the same chosen standard, or some of them will perform the time zone adjustement for the system clock, while others will not."
windows  foss  proprietary  software  linux  unix  time  reference  best-practices 
11 days ago by kr4d

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