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git-flight-rules/ at master · k88hudson/git-flight-rules
Flight rules for git. Contribute to k88hudson/git-flight-rules development by creating an account on GitHub.
git  github  howto  bestpractices  documentation  flightrules 
6 hours ago by stevesong
Jared Sinclair | Blog | TIL: Boy, Have I Been Misusing SCNetworkReachability
SCNetworkReachability should only be used to influence what you do about a network request that has already failed, not an initial request that has yet to be attempted. Use a negative status to determine whether or not you attempt an automatic retry, or to tweak the user-facing language of an alert. Use a positive status to consider retrying an earlier failed request. Never prevent a user-initiated request from being attempted just because SCNetworkReachability thinks there’s not a reachable network.
SCNetworkReachability  reachability  networking  iso  bestpractices 
21 hours ago by cdzombak
Microservices Are Something You Grow Into, Not Begin With — Nick Janetakis
Let's talk about when it might be a good or bad idea to start using microservices. SPOILER ALERT: it's not the same for every project.
microservices  #CFD4  @LightStepHQ  @NickJanetakis  architecture  bestpractices  business  deferreddecision  IFTTT  programming 
22 hours ago by otlib
Writing Maintainable SCSS
Tips for writing easy-to-maintain scss, including advice on naming conventions.
scss  tips  sass  bestpractices  webdev 
2 days ago by angusm

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