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Our Climate Future Is Actually Our Climate Present - The New York Times
Wow. Pretty sad but true view of climate change as something we adapt to slowly, without really uprising against it. Similar to traffic worsening != uproar, rather adoption/putting-up-with
climatechange  environment  article  bestof 
9 days ago by dwhite
Motion with Meaning: Semantic Animation in Interface Design · An A List Apart Article
instead of designing screens and then adding transitions between them, start by designing individual components and thinking about how they change and move in different contexts. With that in place, layout and animations will come together naturally, following the semantic structure of the content.
ui  design  bestof  ux  animation 
9 days ago by dwhite
10 Wineries you can't miss in Alentejo
The Herdades (wineries) are part of Alentejo's culture and identity and are definitely a must visit in a journey to this region.
Portugal  Alentejo  Lists  Wineries  BestOf  Recommendations 
18 days ago by gregg
Portugal food: A guide to Europe's best-kept secret | CNN Travel
Food guide to Portugal: 20 delicious reasons mainland Europe's westernmost country needs to be on everyone's travel menu.
Portugal  Food  Lists  BestOf 
22 days ago by gregg

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