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I am a mediocre developer
I personally know some developers who are very talented and can create wonderfu...
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4 days ago by catichenor
CSS: The bad bits (and how to avoid them) - Joe Forshaw
If we’re disciplined, SASS/SCSS can help us out here. Defining all our z-indexes as variables together gives us the context we need.

$z-index-page: 100;
$z-index-navigation: 200;
$z-index-newsletter-modal: 300;
We can clearly see our newsletter modal goes above our navigation, which goes over our page content.

I also tend to work in hundreds so we can slot other z-indexes in between if we need. This doesn’t matter as much if every z-index is stored like above, since you can just easily update all the values just in the one place.
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4 days ago by sherbondy

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