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The Society for Betterment by Literature
Jo suggests a new society to her sisters and Laurie, in addition to the Pickwick Club: The Society for Betterment by Literature, aka a book club. The chosen book, Pride and Prejudice, however, does nothing but cause dissension and chaos to blow up in the ranks.
littlewomen  jo  amy  beth  laurie  meg  PunziethePlatypus 
2 days ago by alcottfanfiction
Jo didn't come to New York looking for love. With a trunk filled with dreams and a plan to make good her fantasies of becoming a writer of worth, her stint as a governess of a family friend was meant to bridge the time and pad the money she sent home to dear Beth and her family.

Then she meets the piano teacher of her young charges, and the direction of her entire existence changed.
littlewomen  jo  beth  ao3  jo/ofc 
2 days ago by alcottfanfiction
Continental Exchange
A combination of two requested AUs: Jo goes abroad instead of Amy, and Beth lives.
littlewomen  ao3  Snacky  jo  laurie  beth  jo/laurie 
2 days ago by alcottfanfiction
Intertwining Melodies
One afternoon, after a fight with his grandfather, Laurie storms into the music room, unaware that Beth is at the piano. He broods, she softly plays. His anger dissipates and he joins her at the piano, and they make beautiful melodies.
Rated: Fiction K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Beth M., Laurie, Mr. Laurence - Words: 508 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Published: May 9 - Status: Complete - id: 12482687  PunziethePlatypus  littlewomen  beth  laurie  mr.laurence 
7 weeks ago by alcottfanfiction
The Adopted Young Beast
Jo and Laurie find a poor hurt puppy after a bad storm. He is adopted into the March household to the delight of some, and the displeasure of others. He's such a lovable thing, though, that it doesn't take long for him to win over the displeased hearts.
beth  jo  laurie  meg  littlewomen  PunziethePlatypus 
may 2017 by alcottfanfiction
Of Flies, Lovers' Letters, French Vanity, and Petted Plants
Laurie comes home from touring a college with his grandfather to see his favorite March sisters. They're all each a little busy between two tasks at the moment to pay him the attention he wants: Meg's writing and sewing or neither, Jo's fully armored to defend the house from an invasion, Beth's a tender gardener, and Amy's an experimental procrastinator.
littlewomen  jo  meg  beth  amy  laurie  PunziethePlatypus 
may 2017 by alcottfanfiction

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