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With so much data, why is work getting harder?
As I’m sure you recall we’ve been conducting a survey called: “Leading in an age of unbounded data.” Last week we shared some of the initial results with nGenera Insight members. We’ve already seen some fascinating results as we heard from close to 80 enterprise class organizations, most of them global. Respondents tended to be at the Director-Executive level, across all functions.

Over 90% of respondents consider data as a strategic asset and in the last 12 months, close to 60% have seen an increase in the number of data sources that they use to make decisions. I had assumed that more data meant that they were able to apply all this new information to do their jobs more effectively. I was wrong. Only 33% reported that they had the right amount of data to do their jobs! How come? Isn’t all of this data supposed to be helpful? Where is the disconnect?

My colleagues have done some great work on this topic and continue to study how organizations can flourish in this new world of unbounded data. Specifically, Naumi Haque has spent the last year studying sentiment analysis including the tools and processes that best practice organizations are using in order to better understand their customers. Denis Hancock has done some great work on how enterprises can use social media data, specifically Twitter, to work more closely with customers and partners. Jeff DeChambeau’s exciting work on online gaming gave us some great examples of what enterprise dashboards could look like. Nick Vitalari focused on open data, including the challenges and opportunities presented by public-private ecosystems. And lastly, my dear friend Tim Bevins spent time looking at the effects of the mobile channel.

I’ve linked to some of their blogs above, but urge you to check out more of the research coming from this group, including the final results from the data survey. I consider it a privilege to work with so many talented people.
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