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17 days ago by Density21.5
Null Routing IP Addresses in FreeBSD and OpenBSD
!route add -net -blackhole
routing  bgp  openbsd 
18 days ago by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Telegram traffic from around the world took a detour through Iran
PJS, an Iranian state-owned telecommunications firm, hijacked traffic from the messaging app Telegram traffic on Monday in what is known as a BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) attack. The attacks were detected by multiple Internet traffic monitoring sites, including Cisco's BGPMon and Oracle's Internet Intelligence The BGP hijacking comes just a day before planned protests in the country, reports Patrick Howell O'Neill for Cyberscoop:

"Data from the popular encrypted messenger app Telegram was hijacked by Iran’s state-owned telecommunications giant on Monday, a day before proposed protests over the country’s economic crisis. The move looks to be a BGP hijack, a practice where an intermediary illegitimately takes over groups of IP addresses so data originally destined for one place can be forcefully sent to another...BGP, or the Border Gateway Protocol, is the technology that exchanges routing data across the various networks that make up the entire global internet. 'Once a valid BGP hijack occurs, the hijacker can perform [man-in-the-middle] attacks, eavesdropping, etc.,' said Nico Waisman, a cybersecurity researcher at Cyxtera. Iran’s minister of Information and Communications Technology confirmed the reports in a Tweet on Monday night, saying that 'in the event of an error, whether inadvertent or intentional, the Telecommunication Company of Iran will be severely penalized.' An investigation is underway...Iranian researcher and activist Nariman Gharib told CyberScoop that Tuesday’s protests have been organized via Telegram. One example of a Telegram post for the protests [shown in the article] calls for people to 'gather in the main squares of cities in protest against the tumultuous wave of unemployment and inflation.'"
otf  iran  bgp  hijack  telegram  mena  protests 
7 weeks ago by dmcdev
Securing BGP
A detailed report on state of the art of protecting the Internet routing infrastructure. It's not great.
bgp  security  badtech  internet  routing 
8 weeks ago by nelson

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