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Shutting down the BGP Hijack Factory
It started with a lengthy email to the NANOG mailing list on 25 June 2018: independent security researcher Ronald Guilmette detailed the suspicious routing activities of a company called Bitcanal, whom he referred to as a “Hijack Factory.”
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5 days ago by andrewjbates
Shutting down Bitcanal
ISP accused of being a source of BGP attacks, kicked off the internet
badtech  via:hackernews  bgp  internet  portugal  bitcanal 
6 days ago by nelson
Playing battleships over BGP
[O]n May 16th 2018 myself AS206924 and AS203729 played what is likely the first board game ever conducted purely over BGP.
bgp  networking  games  battleship 
6 weeks ago by noah

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