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Researchers have tested ways to reduce the collective blaming of Muslims for extremism – Research Digest
Only one video reduced collective blame. This was an Al Jazeera interview with a Muslim American woman who highlighted the hypocrisy of holding all Muslims collectively responsible for extremist violence. Specifically, she discussed the tendency by Christians to blame all Muslims for terror attacks, but not to blame all Christians for violent acts by extremist individual Christians. After watching this video, participants not only saw Muslims as less collectively responsible for extremism, but also showed less anti-Muslim prejudice.
islamophobia  bias  racism 
yesterday by elizrael
Bite-size behavioral research for the world's top Decision-Makers
design  psychology  ux  marketing  bias  business  research 
yesterday by e2b
If you think women in tech is just a pipeline problem, you haven’t been paying attention
Lots of references to studies showing that men and women get different outcomes in controled situations
gender  bias 
3 days ago by garrettmd
How diversity branding hurts diversity
refs to studies about how small wording changes can effect people's beliefs and approach to data
statistics  bias 
3 days ago by garrettmd

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