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Are We Missing a Big Part of the Facebook Story? – Talking Points Memo
US intelligence believes Guccifer 2.0 is a fictive persona created by Russian military intelligence. The Facebook campaigns appear to have been run out of a St. Petersburg, Russia troll farm called the Internet Research Agency (IRA). The IRA is nominally a privately owned operation. But it seems clearly to work on behalf of the Russian government, even if it is technically independent from it. In any case, the big picture should be clear. If the Russian election disruption campaign needed election and voter data to effectively target its digital campaigns, they seem to have had a lot of it, precisely the kind of detailed data on strong partisans and more marginal voters that would be key to directing such an effort.
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RT : " is of no use unless it is converted into insights" Sunil Kanari during
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Just one autonomous car will use 4,000 GB of data/day |
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Query the planet: Geospatial big data analytics at Uber - O'Reilly Media
Uber’s Presto ecosystem is made up of a variety of nodes that process data stored in Hadoop. Each Presto cluster has one “coordinator” node that compiles SQL and schedules tasks, as well as a number of “worker” nodes that jointly execute tasks. As detailed in Figure 1, the client sends SQL queries to our Presto coordinator, whose analyzer compiles SQL into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST).

From there, the planner compiles the AST into a query plan, optimizing it for a fragmenter that then segments the plan into tasks. Next, the scheduler assigns each task—either reading files from the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) or conducting aggregations—to a specific worker, and the node manager tracks their progress. Finally, results of these tasks are streamed to the client.
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