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So nice to see our article on policy visions of in print in ! - - …
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2 days ago by kcarruthers
Lead Data Engineer Job in Sydney - SEEK
10+ years of experience in Data Engineering or similar roles
Proven ability to migrate Microsoft servers to Big Data
Excellent experience with Scala, Java and Python
Data intensive development techniques will be invaluable
Data processing experience with Spark, Flink, and Beam
Previous exposure to cloud platforms (AWS, Openshift, Cloudera)
Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack is highly desirable
Data visualisation such as Power BI and Alteryx are preferable
data  engineering  bigdata 
2 days ago by nigeljames
Cosa possono fare i Big data per turismo e travel experience
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5 days ago by cdrago
The association between adolescent well-being and digital technology use | Nature Human Behaviour
The widespread use of digital technologies by young people has spurred speculation that their regular use negatively impacts psychological well-being. Current empirical evidence supporting this idea is largely based on secondary analyses of large-scale social datasets. Though these datasets provide a valuable resource for highly powered investigations, their many variables and observations are often explored with an analytical flexibility that marks small effects as statistically significant, thereby leading to potential false positives and conflicting results. Here we address these methodological challenges by applying specification curve analysis (SCA) across three large-scale social datasets (total n = 355,358) to rigorously examine correlational evidence for the effects of digital technology on adolescents. The association we find between digital technology use and adolescent well-being is negative but small, explaining at most 0.4% of the variation in well-being. Taking the broader context of the data into account suggests that these effects are too small to warrant policy change.
reproducibility  bias  bigdata  statistics  science 
8 days ago by deprecated

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