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Revised and Extended Remarks at "The Rise of Intelligent Economies and the Work of the IMF"
Now, there are traditions of AI research which do take inspiration from human (and animal) psychology (as opposed to a very old caricature of neurology), and try to actually model things like the structure of language, or planning, or having a body which can be moved in particular ways to interact with physical objects. And while these do make progress, it's a hell of a lot slower than the progress in systems which are just doing reflex action. That might change! There could be a gre...
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9 hours ago by rachwhatsit
Mit collaborative zur |sverantwortung? Wie könnte eine digitale Potenziale der
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13 hours ago by freerange_inc
Intro to spiel with and , partially assessing hypes and worries in the…
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3 days ago by enkerli
Creating a Data Engineering Culture | Jesse Anderson
This looks like a great talk on what you need to do to build the skills in your company to work with big data. It has a great overview of the skills you need when putting together a data engineering team.
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3 days ago by IanMulvany
Ad con per conoscere i , con l’ottima presentazione di che ne fa un parallel…
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4 days ago by cspadoni
and can drive change and respond to personnalized audience needs using
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5 days ago by jhill5

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