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Big data’s big bias: bringing noise and conflicts to US drug regulation | The BMJ
A little known private foundation to support FDA’s “regulatory science” takes money out of the FDA’s coffers to support analyses using levels of evidence recommended by industry; many of the foundation’s directors have financial links to the drug and device makers that the FDA regulates. Jeanne Lenzer investigates

Big data can be used cautiously to examine real world outcomes and to improve surveillance of drug safety. For example, it has been used to identify overuse of some interventions and can show drug and device complications in real world settings rather than idealized controlled trials.12 However, big data are a noisy mess, and analyses by entities with profit motives may identify spurious associations that support fast track approvals and indication creep (broadening the indications for drugs and devices).
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Facets - Visualizations for ML datasets
Better data leads to better models.
The power of machine learning comes from its ability to learn patterns from large amounts of data. Understanding your data is critical to building a powerful machine learning system.

Facets contains two robust visualizations to aid in understanding and analyzing machine learning datasets. Get a sense of the shape of each feature of your dataset using Facets Overview, or explore individual observations using Facets Dive.
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BP looks to big data to help weather weak oil price
Among the innovations has been a “digital twin” system that allows BP engineers to test maintenance procedures and other critical engineering work using virtual reality before carrying out the work on real facilities.
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IPython provides a rich architecture for interactive computing
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