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Why Are These Professional War Peddlers Still Around? | The American Conservative
Boot is a professional foreign policy expert, a job category that doesn’t exist outside of a select number of cities. Boot has degrees from Berkeley and Yale, and is a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He has written a number of books and countless newspaper columns on foreign affairs and military history. The International Institute for Strategic Studies, an influential British think tank, describes Boot as one of the “world’s leading authorities on armed conflict.”
billKristol  neoCon  neverTrump  maxBoot  war 
february 2019 by Jswindle
Steve Bannon Will Lead Trump’s White House - The New Yorker
“I’m a Leninist,” Steve Bannon told a writer for The Daily Beast, in late 2013. “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”
bannon  altright  antisemitism  trump  goodnessgracious  billkristol 
november 2016 by jimmy_okeefe
Conversations with Bill Kristol: David Gelernter on American culture, computer science, and art
In-depth, thought provoking discussions with some of America’s leading thinkers and figures in public life, hosted by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol.

The Yale computer scientist on the dumbing down of America, the internet, and art.
BillKristol  DavidGelernter  Culture  Internet  Education  Art 
may 2016 by ezdwt
The Sub Prime Kristol Meltdown - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money
"I remember back in the late ’90s when Ira Katznelson, an eminent political scientist at Columbia, came to deliver a guest lecture to an economic philosophy class I was taking. It was a great lecture, made more so by the fact that the class was only about ten or twelve students and we got got ask all kinds of questions and got a lot of great, provocative answers. Anyhow, Prof. Katznelson described a lunch he had with Irving Kristol back either during the first Bush administration. The talk turned to William Kristol, then Dan Quayle’s chief of staff, and how he got his start in politics. Irving recalled how he talked to his friend Harvey Mansfield at Harvard, who secured William a place there as both an undergrad and graduate student; how he talked to Pat Moynihan, then Nixon’s domestic policy adviser, and got William an internship at The White House; how he talked to friends at the RNC and secured a job for William after he got his Harvard Ph.D.; and how he arranged with still more friends for William to teach at UPenn and the Kennedy School of Government. With that, Prof. Katznelson recalled, he then asked Irving what he thought of affirmative action. “I oppose it”, Irving replied. “It subverts meritocracy.”"

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via:vruba  2008  billkristol  irvingkristol  privilege  affirmitiveaction  connections  irakatznelson  republicans  georghwbush  danquayle  meritocracy 
june 2015 by robertogreco
Bill Kristol Calls For Americans to be ‘Awakened and Rallied’ to War « Blog
Bill Kristol is not shy about his fetish for war. His latest piece at the neoconservative Weekly Standard borders on self-parody in the way that it openly longs for a return to a time when Americans were eager to send the U.S. military off on unnecessary, imperialistic adventures.

Kristol is frustrated by the “war-weariness” of the nation. He laments the reluctance on the part of the Republican Party to “challenge” “the idol of war-weariness.”

“A war-weary public can be awakened and rallied,” Kristol cheers. “Indeed, events are right now doing the awakening. All that’s needed is the rallying. And the turnaround can be fast.”
war  militaryindustrialcomplex  billkristol  neocon 
march 2014 by cboyack
Bill Kristol: Rand Paul is 'spokesman for the Code Pink faction' of the GOP | The Daily Caller
[P]aul’s political genius strikes us as very much of the short-term variety. Will it ultimately serve him well to be the spokesman for the Code Pink faction of the Republican party? How much staying power is there in a political stance that requires waxing semihysterical about the imminent threat of Obama-ordered drone strikes against Americans sitting in cafés? And as for the other Republican senators who rushed to the floor to cheer Paul on, won’t they soon be entertaining second thoughts? Is patting Rand Paul on the back for his fearmongering a plausible path to the presidency for Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz? Is embracing kookiness a winning strategy for the Republican party? We doubt it.
neocon  randpaul  drone  billkristol 
march 2013 by cboyack
How Bill Kristol Purged the Arabists - Yahoo! News
"I've encouraged that they be expelled or not welcomed into the Republican Party. I'd be happy if Ron Paul left. I was very happy when Pat Buchanan was allowed — really encouraged ... by George Bush ... to go off and run as a third-party candidate."
Kristol's point: Refuse to toe the neo-con line on Israel, and you have no future in the Republican Party.
billkristol  gop  neocon  republican  ronpaul  patbuchanan 
may 2012 by cboyack
Whack WikiLeaks | The Weekly Standard
Marc Thiessen argues powerfully in the Washington Post that “the Obama administration has the ability to bring Assange to justice and to put WikiLeaks out of business,” and challenges the administration to do so. And it's hard to see why Thiessen isn't right. Why can't we act forcefully against WikiLeaks? Why can't we use our various assets to harass, snatch or neutralize Julian Assange and his collaborators, wherever they are? Why can't we disrupt and destroy WikiLeaks in both cyberspace and physical space, to the extent possible? Why can't we warn others of repercussions from assisting this criminal enterprise hostile to the United States?
billkristol  wikileaks 
november 2010 by cboyack
Fisking Bill Kristol on Gays in the Military
Bill K. gets his ass handed to him by a magazine with a solid conservative leaning.
politics  conservatism  journalism  military  homosexuality  gayrights  billkristol 
february 2010 by stray

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