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Bridge to Strength
How to achieve success, prosperity, and happiness
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6 days ago by TomasMartinez
Samuel ibn Naghrīla: Spain’s Jewish Warrior-Poet | The Public Medievalist
he Hebrew poets of medieval Spain were the rap and hip-hop artists of their day.

In the public performances of their verse, often at the fanciest parties with the finest liquor, they declaimed their opinions on social and political issues. They imbued their work with bragging about their victories and lamenting their despairs. They praised themselves and their skills, caught beef with their peers, and did not let those rivalries die. They sampled the beats of the Arab poets working around them. And they irreversibly altered the Hebrew language in which they composed. They were complete badasses, they knew it, and they rhymed about it.

What they perhaps could never have anticipated was the extent to which their poetry would speak so directly to the concerns of readers a thousand years later. But reading with a modern eye, it is immediately clear that many of the struggles that medieval Hebrew poets faced over language choice and national identity — over how to belong — were strikingly modern in their character; and these themes poured out in their strikingly modern verse.
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8 days ago by atbradley
Billy Joel, Thirty-Three-Hit Wonder | The New Yorker
I remembered, for some reason, this piece from a few years ago – a great profile of Billy Joel that manages to capture and slightly skewer him without ever explicitly sticking the knife in.
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11 days ago by robmiller
The Rise Of Two Brothers: The Slatterys’ Careers In Aerospace | Commercial Aviation content from Aviation Week
Few people ever make it to the top of large corporations; it is even less common to see two brothers rise to the top in the same industry. The Slattery brothers did: John is now president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aircraft—the first non-Brazilian to run the company’s commercial aircraft business—and many predict he will one day also be the first non-Brazilian to run Embraer as a whole. Domhnal is the CEO of Avolon, which is well on its way to becoming the world’s largest aircraft lessor just seven years after he founded the company. Both are still relatively young CEOs: Domhnal turned 50 recently, and John is 48. They will have many more years in the industry, if they wish.
AviationWeek  stories  biography  people  aviation 
12 days ago by pierredv

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