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5 Benefits of Biometric Security
One way to help keep your employees safe is to deploy biometric security measures.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
Why Your Biometrics Are Your Best Password
"Today everyone lives in a multi-factor authentication (MFA) world where cybersecurity technologists have added another factor: “something you are.” This is where biometrics come in, and facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, retinal scanning, and other forms of bio-identification have become normal thanks to technologies like Apple’s Touch ID and Face ID. Many people have already been using these technologies for years on their iPhones.

The reality is that these additional factors based on “something you have” or “something you are” are both much stronger than “something you know,” such as a password or PIN. Not only can the latter be easily stolen, guessed, or phished for, but authentication based on biometrics is very hard to fake or duplicate."
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14 days ago by jonerp
Biometric Recognition White Paper 2019 - Google Docs
- good translation of an interesting Chinese biometrics whitepaper
china  biometrics  analysis 
28 days ago by renaissancechambara
RCMP denied using facial recognition technology - then said it had been using it for months | CBC News
The RCMP denied using facial recognition technology as recently as January - before disclosing a few weeks later it had been using Clearview AI, a controversial app that has harvested billions of personal photos from social media, for months.
rcmp  canada  facial  recognition  software  lawenforcement  biometrics  clearview  facesurveillance  facialrecognition 
29 days ago by xer0x
porsche to print giant fingerprints of customers onto hood of 911 sport cars | Designboom
- not sure I think its smart to post a copy of a biometric data on the bonnet of your car. These are the kind of people rich enough to personal safes and secure rooms with finger print locks
biometrics  privacy  informationsecurity 
4 weeks ago by renaissancechambara

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