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Facebook Faulted By Judge For 'Troubling Theme' In Privacy Case - Slashdot
A judge scolded Facebook for misconstruing his own rulings as he ordered the company to face a high-stakes trial accusing it of violating user privacy. The social media giant has misinterpreted prior court orders by continuing to assert the "faulty proposition" that users can't win their lawsuit under an Illinois biometric privacy law without proving an "actual injury," U.S. District Judge James Donato said in a ruling Monday. Likewise, the company's argument that it's immune from having to pay a minimum of $1,000, and as much as $5,000, for each violation of the law is "not a sound proposition," he said. Under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, the damages in play at a jury trial set for July 9 in San Francisco could easily reach into the billions of dollars for the millions of users whose photos were allegedly scanned without consent. Apart from his concerns about the "troubling theme" in Facebook's legal arguments, Donato ruled a trial must go forward because there are multiple factual issues in dispute, including a sharp disagreement over how the company's photo-tagging software processes human faces.
slashdot  biometrics  bigbrother  privacy  facebook  trial 
6 days ago by gardencat
RT : A new report by and takes a stand against the use of in . We look…
humanitarian  aid  biometrics  from twitter
7 days ago by BeckyFaith
Welsh police wrongly identify thousands as potential criminals | UK news | The Guardian
A police force has defended its use of facial recognition technology after it was revealed that more than 2,000 people in Cardiff during the 2017 Champions League final were wrongly identified as potential criminals.
from:TheGuardian  geo:Wales  FacialRecognition  biometrics 
15 days ago by owenblacker
IRIN | Eyes Wide Shut: The challenge of humanitarian biometrics
This statement makes clear that biometric registration is driven by the interests of national governments, technology companies and aid agencies – in that order.This fits with a wider and more worrying pattern in the field of biometrics: it's marginalised groups who are used as guinea pigs for new biometric applications, always with claims that it's for their own benefit. Privacy International has identified that in countries where democratic processes – such as parliamentary oversight and the rule of law – function more effectively, biometric schemes have been repeatedly challenged and rolled back by informed citizens. The real issue here is accountability – or lack thereof – precisely because humanitarian biometrics are being implemented in countries where those factors are weak to non-existent.
ee  biometrics  privacy  refugees  vulnerable 
18 days ago by osi_info_program
‘Forget the Facebook leak’: China is mining data directly from workers’ brains on an industrial scale | South China Morning Post
Workers outfitted in uniforms staff lines producing sophisticated equipment for telecommunication and other industrial sectors. But there’s one big difference – the workers wear caps to monitor their brainwaves, data that management then uses to adjust the pace of production and redesign workflows, according to the company.
The company said it could increase the overall efficiency of the workers by manipulating the frequency and length of break times to reduce mental stress.
china  biometrics  productivity  process  totwitter  privacy 
18 days ago by renaissancechambara
Home Office told thousands of foreign students to leave UK in error
Mrs May responded by asking Educational Testing Services, the US-based company that ran the system, to analyse voice files to work out if students were using proxies to sit the tests for them
biometrics  voicerecognition  crapita  homeoffice  maytheresa  students 
19 days ago by yorksranter
I Run “Facial Recognition” On Buildings To Unlock Architectural Secret
Peter Christensen, an assistant professor of art history at the University of Rochester, writes about his work with architectural biometrics.
architecture  biometrics  fastcodesign 
21 days ago by jorgebarba

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