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The White-browed robin-chat is a thrush sized with a grey back and orange underparts. It is widespread acros…
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6 days ago by ebuchholtz
Shrike - Wikipedia
"Shrikes are known for their habit of catching insects and small vertebrates and impaling their bodies on thorns, the spikes on barbed-wire fences, or any available sharp point. This helps them to tear the flesh into smaller, more conveniently-sized fragments, and serves as a cache so that the shrike can return to the uneaten portions at a later time."
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15 days ago by ghostboy
Polish charity gets huge phone bill thanks to stork • BBC News
<p>According to official broadcaster Radio Poland, the environmental EcoLogic Group placed a tracker on the back of a white stork last year to track the bird's migratory habits.

It travelled some 3,700 miles (6,000kms), and was traced to the Blue Nile Valley in eastern Sudan before the charity lost contact.

EcoLogic told the Super Express newspaper that somebody found the tracker in Sudan, removed the sim card and put it in their own phone, where they then racked up 20 hours' worth of phone calls.
Radio Poland says that the organisation has received a phone bill of over 10,000 Polish zloty ($2,700; £2,064), which it will have to pay.</p>

This is why you put a passcode on the SIM, Wilkins.
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15 days ago by charlesarthur

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