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Birds can see Earth's magnetic fields, and we finally know how that's possible
2018-04-04, by Michelle Starr,

"The mystery behind how birds navigate might finally be solved: it's not the iron in their beaks providing a magnetic compass, but a newly discovered protein in their eyes that lets them "see" Earth's magnetic fields. (...)

So what does a bird actually see? Well, we can't ever know what the world looks like through another species' eyes, but we can take a very strong guess.

According to researchers at the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, whose researcher Klaus Schulten first predicted magnetoreceptive cryptochromes in 1978, they could provide a magnetic field "filter" over the bird's field of view (...)"
science  bird  vision  magnetism  direction 
12 days ago by eric.brechemier
How to understand the financial levers in your business | TechCrunch
In the case of Bird, you might be surprised to learn that three levers dramatically affect the finance model: average ride length, cost of charging, and usable life per scooter. Isolate variables and play with the numbers to figure out which ones are key levers.
bird  startups  economics 
13 days ago by dano

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