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Warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after dramatic plunge in insect numbers | Environment | The Guardian
Goulson said a likely explanation could be that the flying insects perish when they leave the nature reserves. “Farmland has very little to offer for any wild creature,” he said. “But exactly what is causing their death is open to debate. It could be simply that there is no food for them or it could be, more specifically, exposure to chemical pesticides, or a combination of the two.”
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RT Ruby Throated Hummingbirds Stone Trivet via #…
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Blind Birdwatcher Sees With Sound - YouTube
"Juan Pablo Culasso is a birdwatcher in Uruguay, but he doesn't see birds the way that most birdwatchers do. In fact, he doesn’t see them at all. Born without sight, Culasso listens to the birds and has developed a keen ability to identify their distinct calls and melodies. He has also embarked on a quest to record their sounds to help conserve his country's natural heritage in an audio archive."

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New post (Cool Whiskered copyright ishmeet sahni HD Image) has been published on Best ... -…
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Flight of the godwits - The Listener
Every year around the middle of March, bar-tailed godwits depart New Zealand and begin an incredible feat of avian endurance.
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