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Google Chrome: Angry Birds | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Google Chrome: Angry Birds The developers of Angry Birds use the website to convey their hen-slinging phenomenon to millions of new followers about the world. The three highlighted birds ended up developed especially for this film, and are voiced by the original creators of the activity: Peter Vesterbacka (CMO of Rovio), Jaakko lisalo (Senior Activity […]
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yesterday by wotek
Cool Free Bird Nature Study Printables – Learning About Birds… HD Image | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Free Hen Nature Review Printables &#8211 Mastering About Birds… Free Hen Nature Review Printables &#8211 Mastering About Birds Free Hen Nature Review Printables &#8211 Mastering About Birds…
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2 days ago by wotek
Christmas Tree Ornaments | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Christmas Tree Ornaments Christmas Tree Ornaments homemade christmas tree ornaments personalized christmas tree ornaments christmas tree ornaments sets glass christmas tree ornaments miniature christmas tree ornaments white christmas tree ornaments outdoor christmas tree ornaments unique christmas tree ornaments wooden christmas tree ornaments blue christmas tree ornaments gold christmas tree ornaments large christmas tree ornaments christmas […]
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3 days ago by wotek
Alberta campers save lucky loon caught in fishing gear | Toronto Star
Don Gibson didn’t think the loon was real at first — but then it swam toward him and he knew he had to help.
nature  birds 
4 days ago by Weaverbird is an online library for bird feathers.
5 days ago by nrrd
RT : Brown Cuckoo-doves are so much more than just "brown".
birds  WildOz  pigeons  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by kohlmannj
Lens of Time: Secrets of Schooling - bioGraphic
"Shimmering schools of fish have dazzled scientists for centuries with their synchronized maneuvers. Now, high-speed video is revealing how—and why—they do it."

"Collective behavior is embodied in swarms of insects, flocks of birds, herds of antelope, and schools of fish. In each of these cases, individuals move through their environment and respond to threats and opportunities almost simultaneously, forming an undulating enclave that seems to operate as a single entity. Such coordinated movement requires the rapid and efficient transfer of information among individuals, but understanding exactly how this information spreads through the group has long eluded scientists. Studying this behavior in schools of fish has been incredibly challenging, because the cues that drive it occur at lightening speed, come from multiple directions and sources, and of course because all of it takes place underwater. Now, Iain Couzin and his colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology at the University of Konstanz, Germany are using new observation techniques and technologies—including high-speed video, motion-tracking software, and advanced statistical modeling—to reveal the mysterious mechanics of schooling fish. Their findings may shed light on the evolution and benefits of collective behavior across the animal kingdom."
nature  animals  multispecies  collectivebehavior  fish  birds  herds  antelopes  insects  science  iaincouzin  video  towatch  motion  movement 
11 days ago by robertogreco
RT : Rainbow Lorikeet doing its best vulture impression.
WildOz  birds  from twitter
12 days ago by kcarruthers
Pretty yellow rosella in my backyard. Echuca, Victoria.
birds  WildOz  from twitter_favs
12 days ago by kcarruthers

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