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📉 $BTC prices fall!
₿1 = $5930.09 (15:58 UTC) $btcusd
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yesterday by neuralmarket
Well since you asked. Blockchain is the world's worst database, created entirel... | Hacker News
Blockchain is the world's worst database, created entirely to maintain the reputations of venture capital firms who injected hundreds of millions of dollars into a technology whose core defining insight was "You can improve on a Ponzi scam by making it self-organizing and distributed; that gets vastly more distribution, reduces the single point of failure, and makes it censorship-resistant."

Ordinary evidence would be pointing you, in a handwavy fashion, about the depth of acrimony with regards to raising the block size, which would let Bitcoin scale to the commanding heights of 10 or, nay, 100 transactions per second worldwide.
Extraordinary evidence might be pointing you to the time where the entire Bitcoin network was de-facto shut down based on the consensus of N people in an IRC channel. c.f. This was back in 2013. Long story short: a software update went awry so they rolled back global state by a few hours by getting the right two people to agree to it on a Skype call.
yesterday by hellsten | Hacker News
Bitcoin was virtually unusable during the interim -- most of the merchants people cared about turned off transactions entirely because they were, sensibly, scared shitless. Several hours of transactional history got wiped out. One security researcher successfully executed a ~$10,000 double spend attack against a merchant -- he gave the money back afterwards.
yesterday by hellsten
Update 15 Minute Chart for just broke through Cocaine Resistance and now Nearing a good dose of ECSTASY pa…
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yesterday by neuralmarket
A Letter to Jamie Dimon – Chain
Here’s my definition: cryptocurrencies are a new asset class that enable decentralized applications.
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yesterday by alemacgo

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