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Let's talk about , and why some antifascists wear masks.

"Antifa" are anyone who stand up against fascis…
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8 weeks ago by kitoconnell
« Le black bloc est difficile à cerner, il s’agrège et se défait au gré des événements »
RT : Sylvain Bouloque: « Le est difficile à cerner, il s’agrège et se défait au gré des événements »
blackbloc  from twitter
april 2019 by bperrier
We’ve Been Framed | Ella Baker Center
So here are some things we can do next time:

1. Stop Apologizing for the Vandalism
2. Connect Back to Occupy Wall Street Issues...Taxpayers spent billions bailing out BofA. Now they’re making record profits. Yet, they pay no taxes. In fact, 30 of the largest, most profitable corporations are paying no taxes by using loopholes written for them. If Oakland’s Public Works department had more money, there would be less blight in our communities. But as long as corporations can spend unlimited millions in elections, they can buy legislation that puts profit over people and never pay their share towards keeping our neighborhoods blight-free.
3. Keep Things In Perspective

It sucks that the city has to waste money on cleanup. You know what also wastes taxpayer money? $10 billion in contracts for private immigrant detention centers. Wells Fargo holds $88 million in a private prison corporation that makes money running these detention centers and hires lobbyists to push the harsh anti-immigrant legislation that fills them. Some of that $10 billion could’ve gone towards struggling small businesses. And some of those immigrants came from Oakland!
4. Talk About What We Actually Experienced

What we experienced during last Wednesday’s general strike was nothing short of amazing. Media reports the next day were discouraging. We need to tell anyone who wasn’t there what we felt and saw. Talk about the Children’s Brigade. Talk about the Volunteer Bike Valet. Talk about the powerful stories you heard from people you met. Talk about the creative homemade signs (I saw a child with a sign that said, “Fight for my future. I can’t afford a lobbyist, I’m only 6!”). Talk about how there were no police or paid workers in sight but people self-organized to provide childcare, musical performances, medical aid, and directed traffic.
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november 2017 by Quercki
200 Trump inauguration protesters face 70 years in prison each over 6 broken windows / Boing Boing
Donald Trump is the least popular president to serve in US history, so it's no surprise that the call for mass, "J20 demonstrations" at his inauguration would be answered by massive crowds.

As with many protests, there was a small number of black bloc participants who engaged in minor acts of vandalism, smashing six windows. The DC police kettled hundreds of protesters in response, and after more than 100 escaped, they slapped the remaining 200 protesters with felony conspiracy charges, so that each protester now faces up to 70 years in prison for being in the same place as a black bloc action.

Among the defendants is Alexei Wood, a freelance photojournalist who had his equipment seized by police, who are able to use the pretense of his guilt to get ahold of his footage and use it against the other defendants.
felony  demonstration  arrest  J20  blackbloc  vandalism 
october 2017 by Quercki
Antifa: What is behind the masks in Berkeley? — Berkeleyside
“Cops and Klan go hand-in-hand!” the activists chanted, as some officers began to pull on tear gas masks.

Some antifascists in the front of the crowd lunged forward at the police. A few officers pointed weapons at the group. Reporters and other protesters lingered on the sidelines, sensing violence was going to break out at any moment.

Then, abruptly, the police turned to their right and walked out of the park in a single-file line.

Antifa in turn flooded into the park, toppling some of the orange barriers the city had placed there the night before in anticipation of a far-right “No to Marxism” rally and counterprotest. But while the antifascists were among thousands who turned out in Berkeley that day, Aug. 27, to rally, mostly peacefully, against racism and bigotry, only a couple dozen right-wing protesters ultimately showed up. Those who did were chased out of the park to a chorus of “Nazi scum!” and “fascist!” and, in a handful of cases, physically attacked, mainly by the antifa demonstrators who swept in en masse that afternoon.

That evening and the following day, there was no shortage of reports on the black-clad mob that had busted into the park “disrupting” a peaceful protest and beating people bloody.
police  Antifa  Nazi  Berkeley  2017  blackbloc 
september 2017 by Quercki
Last night in a attacked cops with fireworks, smashed a police cruiser & luxury shop windows
BlackBloc  Montreal  from twitter_favs
march 2017 by
How anti-Vietnam War activists stopped violent protest from hijacking their movement
Today’s protest organizers and participants can learn much from our experiences on the frontlines a half century ago.

A good place to start is to consider the Weathermen, the most prominent of the counterparts to the Black Bloc in our day. As proponents of violent street tactics, the Weathermen capitalized on an aspect of the ‘60s counterculture that glorified violent revolution. Posters displaying romanticized images of Che Guevara, Viet Cong soldiers (especially women fighters) and Black Panthers with guns were plastered on many walls.

The Weathermen didn’t just spout revolutionary rhetoric. One of their most memorable actions was what they proclaimed as the “Days of Rage.” They urged people to join them in Chicago in early October 1969 to “Bring the War Home.” They recruited extensively among white working-class youths to come to the city with helmets and such weapons as clubs, prepared to vandalize businesses and cars as well as assault police. They believed their action would help provoke an uprising against the capitalist state.
blackbloc  violence  vandalism  protest 
march 2017 by Quercki
No Bugs in Trump Tower, Mr. President By William P. Homans
Tonight I read that Donald Trump is accusing former President Barack Obama of bugging Trump Tower. I agree with Mr. and M(r)s. Sane American: he did not.
Another Trump lie. Right-wing authoritarians know they have 90% of the guns and all of the armored military vehicles and warplanes, and if they think it's necessary, they will slaughter as few Americans as they can get away with in order to terrorize the rest.

You can see a barometer for such a narrative in, for instance, the recent op-ed by the famous (and very right-wing/libertarian) musician Charlie Daniels. He expects inevitable blood in the streets, and blames protesters for it.

Daniels did not know the name of the group of lawless protesters that he was blaming for what he felt was a closer approach to bloody civil unrest. However, he referenced the actions of what is known as the (soi-disant) anarchist/antifa Black Bloc (who were also the group that stopped Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking in California), in which there has been substantial vandalism.

However, there has been very little actual personal injury, and no deaths. Why would we get so lucky?

The answer is that the Black Bloc is a provocateur-infiltrated organization, which has a particular mission in today's climate of dissent. They are the heirs of certain Communist-front groups from the 1960s and 70s, in performing a particular mission.

Their mission, to state it very crudely, is to discredit all dissent, to give the general idea of disagreeing with government policies or officials, or with various corporate practices from bankers' bonuses to ramming pipelines through Indian land, a bad name.
Who do they work for in this way? I am not going to sit here and start naming agency acronyms and trying to connect all the dots.

You would dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist, and I would have to laugh with you, because although I am an investigator, I haven't the money to pay the operatives necessary to conduct a thorough, conclusive investigation of 9/11, or even the Murrah Bombing (though my MA thesis is the first academic work that was done on that subject).

I am not even sure that the Black Bloc could be successfully counter-infiltrated for investigative purposes, though the scale of money needed to do it would be, I speculate, much less than would be required, for instance, for conclusively investigating the Oklahoma City bombing.

However, I have over 40 years personal, antiwar and antinuclear movement experience with agents provocateurs. I have observed the Black Bloc closely on a couple of occasions, when they were readying themselves in Washington DC. There is a cadre of senior people, and the headstrong teens and 20-somethings you'd expect.

Any veteran knows that the senior people give the orders. But who is giving them orders?
BlackBloc  DeepState  DonaldTrump  CivilWar  CharlieDaniels  WilliamP.Homans 
march 2017 by juandante

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