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Making Hard Time Harder - Disability Rights Washington
Very few outsiders are allowed into the prisons, and the public rarely gets to witness the conditions in which many inmates are confined. In recent years, protection and advocacy agencies (P&As), organizations granted with special federal authority to enter facilities that serve people with disabilities, have been going behind prison walls to identify issues facing inmates with disabilities.

P&As have received reports of inmates forced to drag themselves across their cell or sleep on the floor because their cane or walker was removed. Inmates with cognitive disorders, intellectual disabilities, or mental illness have sought assistance because they are unable to complete the programming required to move out of restrictive housing, forcing them to remain in segregation for years, if not decades. These same inmates may be punished for failing to follow the written rules of the prison, rules they either cannot read or cannot understand due to a disability, resulting in sanctions, loss of good time, or even additional criminal charges.
blindness  law 
2 days ago by spondaic
Maryland Settles Discrimination Case by Blind Inmates for $1.4 Million | National Federation of the Blind
They assigned me an inmate walker to guide me around instead of letting me use a white cane or teaching me how to navigate myself. Then they made me share a cell with him and he stole from me because I was blind and couldn’t see my things. He assaulted me because I bumped into his TV, and I couldn’t defend myself. And I had to depend on him for everything – going out of my cell, reading mail or rules, writing medical slips. I even had to pay him to write the medical slip to get help for the injuries he gave me. But they still would not give me a single cell. Later, when my MS acted up, no one would write a medical slip for me, so I was paralyzed in my bed overnight. Inmates I had to pay to read my mail for me even went after my family. One threatened to hook up with my mother because, while he was reading my mail, he saw a picture of her. Another wrote obscene letters to my little sister because he got her picture and address from reading my mail. I couldn’t ask them to write grievances about themselves, even if I could have afforded to, and the computers in the library weren’t accessible for the blind, so I couldn’t do anything. I was mentally abused and powerless, and it changed me. It made me depressed. I was scared and frightened all the time. And it's hard to cope when you are a grown man and you have to depend on someone else, another inmate, to help you, and he's just taking advantage of you.
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2 days ago by spondaic
National Federation of the Blind Successful in Returning Infant to Her Parents | National Federation of the Blind
The NFB of Missouri hired an attorney to assist the couple after Mikaela was taken from them at Centerpoint Hospital almost immediately after she was born. For fifty-seven days the couple, both of whom are blind, were allowed to visit their child in foster care but were not allowed to bring her home. The sole reason given by Missouri’s Department of Social Services was that the couple was blind and could not properly care for Mikaela without the assistance of a sighted person twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. An evidentiary hearing was scheduled for July 20, but at the last minute the state of Missouri dismissed the case against the couple.

We cannot help but think that new parents who are blind in Missouri will avoid seeking medical and social services that they may need for fear that they will experience a similar ordeal.
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2 days ago by spondaic
Dealing with life in an extreme panopticon - blindness | Ask MetaFilter
It's the sense of being watched that bothers me most. I know that people are not watching me all the time, but I can't check whether they are or not, and I can't watch back. It makes me self-conscious.
blindness  anxiety 
2 days ago by spondaic
Thunder in the dark by naye (PG, 10,268 words)
A silence, and Zhao Yunlan tried to hear Shen Wei—waited for a word, a breath, an explosion of power. Nothing came, other than footsteps. “Let me go,” Zhao Yunlan forced the words out of a throat too tight for air.
fic  [Guardian]  slash  Shen-Wei/Zhao-Yunlan  Action/Adventure  blindness  kidnapped/missing  hurt/comfort  angst  Mid-Length 
13 days ago by tenillypo
Linger in the Sun by etymologyplayground (PG-13, 39,400 words)
Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji find themselves cursed, unable to see or hear each other. They figure things out anyway.
fic  [Untamed]  slash  Wei-Wuxian/Lan-Zhan  Jiang-Cheng  ensemble  futurefic  Action/Adventure  casefile  curse  blindness  hurt/comfort  schmoop  angst  Epic 
7 weeks ago by tenillypo
Louis Braille and the braille alphabet | Europeana Blog
Developed in the 19th century, Braille is a writing system used by people with visual impairments. Named after its creator Frenchman Louis Braille, who lost his sight in a childhood accident, braille is read by touch, with raised dots embossed on paper. via Pocket
archives  blindness  braille  disability  libraries  museums  writing  glam 
7 weeks ago by kintopp

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