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An introduction to bitcoin: what is it, why it exists, and where to buy it
I’m going to attempt to tell you a story about bitcoin and talk about why it’s important. Hopefully you’ll have enough of an understanding that will help you make sense of it at a high level.
bitcoin  blockchain  currency  money  online  financial  article 
15 hours ago by cyberchucktx
BIS says central bank cryptocurrencies could be a good idea — Quartz
The best explainer on how blockchains will upend banking comes from an unexpected source
banking  futureofbanking  blockchain  cryptocurrencies 
yesterday by jorgebarba
Will Blockchain Revolutionize Global Real Estate Next?
Governments and private companies are looking at the digital ledgers as a way to organize land title records and reduce fraud.
blockchain  realestate  FastCompany 
yesterday by jorgebarba

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