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Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble - The New York Times
Very elegant piece on the value distribution that cryptographic protocols provide.
bitcoin  blockchain  protocols  government 
yesterday by jaredconnor
Digiconomist - Cryptocurrency Fraud and Risk Mitigation
Digiconomist is a platform that provides in-depth analysis, opinions and discussions with regard to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, run on a voluntary, best effort basis. The goal of Digiconomist is to cover any relevant financial, economic or regulatory cryptocurrency-related topic. The reason for this is that Digiconomist believes that anyone involved with cryptocurrencies should have some basic financial/economic knowledge, in order to understand and mitigate the risks that could otherwise result in serious losses. Digiconomist is built to assist with acquiring this knowledge. This is intended to contribute to raising the overall quality of the cryptocurrency environment.
cryptocurrency  bitcoin  ethereum  blockchain 
yesterday by areich
Bitcoin Hashrate Distribution
List of who controls Bitcoin. The two biggest ( and AntPool) together are Bitmain
bitmain  bitcoin  hash  consensus  blockchain 
yesterday by nelson
Profile of the Chinese blockchain company that dominates Bitcoin mining with ASICs
china  bitcoin  cryptocurrency  blockchain  bitmain 
yesterday by nelson
Blockchains: Como a tecnologia por trás do Bitcoin impacta a Metrologia e a Qualidade
Divisão de Metrologia em Tecnologias da Informação e Telecomunicações
yesterday by marlus
Distributed computing system, uses Ethereum tokens to compensate for computing power. Still in early development.
distributed  computing  cgi  ethereum  blockchain 
yesterday by mjlassila

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