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How to tame the tech titans - Competition in the digital age
The platforms have become so dominant because they benefit from “network effects”. Size begets size: the more sellers Amazon, say, can attract, the more buyers will shop there, which attracts more sellers, and so on. By some estimates, Amazon captures over 40% of online shopping in America. With more than 2bn monthly users, Facebook holds sway over the media industry. Firms cannot do without Google, which in some countries processes more than 90% of web searches. Facebook and Google control two-thirds of America’s online ad revenues.

America’s trustbusters have given tech giants the benefit of the doubt. They look for consumer harm, which is hard to establish when prices are falling and services are “free”. The firms themselves stress that a giant-killing startup is just a click away and that they could be toppled by a new technology, such as the blockchain. Before Google and Facebook, Alta Vista and MySpace were the bee’s knees. Who remembers them?

Such data-sharing requirements could be calibrated to firms’ size: the bigger platforms are, the more they have to share. These mechanisms would turn data from something titans hoard, to suppress competition, into something users share, to foster innovation.
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Perlin’s Implementation of Avalanche – OpenToken – Medium
The overall quality of the code is significantly better than other blockchain projects we have reviewed (Tron, IOTA, Hashgraph², for example). It’s quality and sophistication is comparable to typical code at a “big five” tech company.
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Eine Video-Lernplattform, Mischung aus "neuer Kryptowährung" und "Forever Living": ?? Wenn ich das richtig verstehe: Die wollen sich irgendwie durch spekulative Einlagen finanzieren, aus denen die ersten Lernenden "Geld verdienen", das ganze dann im Schneeball-System. Eine Art Strukturvertrieb mit Edu-Bitcoin?
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Mynt aims to address financial inclusion through mobile money, micro-loans and technology.
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