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an awesome list of decentralized services and technologies
an awesome list of decentralized services and technologies - gdamdam/awesome-decentralized-web
decentralised  blockchain  list 
1 hour ago by pivic
Page not found – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Price Index
Bitcoin 🔴 24/7 Live 🚀 Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoin Trading Price Index🚀 Bitcoin LIVE Price Index. Bitcoin Top Ten Ticker News and Discussion, Real-Time LIVE Ticker, Charts, Tools & Statistics. #bitcoin #blockchain #cryptocurrency #BITCOIN Todays Breaking Bitcoin News.You Cant Stop The #Bitcoin! Watch #Bitcoin News LIVE 24/7 #Bitcoin Now! Bitcoin Music. #BITCOIN LIVE 24/7 watch LIVE crypto charts, tools stats now all #bitcoin all day! is a completely dynamic, automatic cryptocurrency price index. We use a custom written professionally designed blockchain crypto data api to show live cryptocurrency prices, market cap, charts and other data related to bitcoin and 1700 other altcoins in a livestream format. is very similar to CoinMarketCap in that in displays a list of the top 1700+ cryptocurrencies. The difference at is there are no ads to slow you down and the blockchain cryptocurrency data is dynamic and delivered in real time unlike coinmarketcap which delivers a static display of price data which requires a page refresh to update which also slows you down and may by that point be giving you outdated price informati
bitcoin  blockchain  cryptocurrency 
yesterday by ohiobitcoin
Deputy Fead of FDA is into blockchain as a tool for tracking food for safety.
food  FDA  blockchain  technology 
yesterday by porejide
Infinity Services Inc. – A NY Blockchain Development Company
<<<<chat di Pietro su Discord ... 18.03.2019>>>>>>
sono stato contattato da lui
(che sembra essere uno dei membri più attivi del gruppo)
per partecipare alla prossima call del telecom-sig
e presentarci
In english ma si farà quello che si può
tanto sono tutti indiani e americani
perciò anche plain english andrà bene
questa è l'azienda del tizio
blockchain  Hyperledger 
3 days ago by cmenzani
GitHub - ofek/bit: Bitcoin made easy.
Bitcoin made easy. Contribute to ofek/bit development by creating an account on GitHub.
bitcoin  library  blockchain  cryptocurrency  python  opensource  floss 
3 days ago by gilberto5757
Republican Congressman Proposes Blockchain Technology In Government To Encourage Transparency
Republican Leader of U.S House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy has endorsed the use of blockchain technology in government to bolster the institution’s efficiency and transparency. McCarthy was addressing a select committee on March 12th when he made suggestions to modernize Congress. He cited the fact that blockchain technology is revolutionising security within the financial sector and that the US government should consider it in order to aid with the transformation of making legislative processes more transparent. McCarthy asked the committee: “Why would we wait around and why wouldn’t we institute blockchain on our own?” He added: “As technology continues to …
blockchain  governmentIgnorance 
4 days ago by joeybaker
Schneier's critique and disputes on how to organize decentralized governance
Regulation by A look at decentralized governance from Szabo's law to Bruce Schneier's crypto-economy critique and Vlad Zamfir's thoughts on crypto governance. This is part one of a two-part piece on "Szabo's law" and competing notions of the sovereignty of code in decentralized governance models. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  blockchain  criticism  governance  szabo  zamfir 
4 days ago by ChristopherA

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