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a censorship resistant deadman's switch
a message / thing gets publicly decrypted if you stop checking in.
blockchain  privacy  security  censorship 
yesterday by masukomi
Qiio | Customized Industrial Internet of Things
Customized Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integration powered by blockchain
Decentralized data storage for data authenticity and security
Am Wasser 24
8049 Zurich
iot  blockchain 
yesterday by tamberg
Aion launches first public blockchain network
"If you believe blockchains will proliferate in the coming years, it stands to reason that you will need some sort of mechanism to move information between them, a network of blockchains with bridges and processes for sharing information between entities. That is exactly what The Aion Network is providing with a new blockchain network released today."
blockchain  cryptocurrency  enterprise  nuco 
yesterday by jonerp
Ethereum's Top Developers Think A Blockchain Split Might Be Inevitable - CoinDesk
Ethereum may be on the brink of a blockchain split.

At least, that was the mood at a meeting of top ethereum developers late last week where a discussion on a controversial code proposal called EIP 999 led some to speculate the scenario is now a possibility. Indeed, it's now believed the proposal, which which seeks a technical fix that would return $264 million in lost funds, is so contentious, some users may chose to defect to a new version of the code.
yesterday by corrales
To everyone pushing to solve all the problems. Nobody cares whether the solution to a problem is "…powe…
blockchain  from twitter_favs
yesterday by bob
Programming Blockchain with Jimmy Song — Blockchaing
Some content from Jimmy Song's Programming Blockchain Interactive 2-day
Seminar. Bitcoin, Finite Fields, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, oh my! In
Python so it's hands on live coding, not a theoretical lecture.
blockchain  bitcoin 
yesterday by pors
Blocknote Dmitri Dubinsky

Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies or digital assets
Asset management
Secure custody service
International fast settlements in most fiat currencies

Collecting investor funds
Release of funds from the escrow in accordance with specific project governance rules (e.g. project milestones, vesting schedule etc.)
Distribution of dividends to investors
Monitoring of compliance with agreed terms

Compliance audit of projects in the blockchain/crypto technology space in line with best practices, standards and regulation
Recognised verification of proof of funds and confirmation of crypto-assets ownership
Audit of ICO / token sale campaigns
ecb  blockchain 
yesterday by rarubin
IBM’s big bet on blockchain
“For example: The recent E. coli outbreak led to mass disposal of lettuce in many places. Using a blockchain-based system to track the supply chain of food could help vendors pinpoint the farm it came from, locate the stores where it's sold, and throw away only the lettuce that's tainted.”
supplychain  cases  IBM  blockchain 
2 days ago by cote

"We are building a fully communications and storage utility that is op…
blockchain  ethereum  decentralized  follow  from twitter
2 days ago by mshook

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