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Gwern’s AI-Generated Poetry
GPT-2 is the language processing system that OpenAI announced a few weeks ago. They are keeping the full version secret, but have released a smaller prototype version. Gwern retrained it on the Gutenberg Poetry Corpus, a 117 MB collection of pre-1923 English poetry, to create a specialized poetry AI. I previously tested the out-of-the-box version of GPT-2 and couldn’t make it understand rhyme and meter. I wrongly assumed this was a fundamental limitation: “obviously something that has never heard sound can’t derive these complex rhythms just from meaningless strings of letters.” I was wrong; it just didn’t have enough training data. Gwern’s retrained version gets both of these right, and more too.
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yesterday by mikael
We Need Chrome No More
The dominance of Chrome has a major detrimental effect on the Web as an open platform: developers are increasingly shunning other browsers in their testing and bug-fixing routines. If it works as intended on Chrome, it’s ready to ship. This in turn results in more users flocking to the browser as their favorite Web sites and apps no longer work elsewhere, making developers less likely to spend time testing on other browsers. A vicious cycle that, if not broken, will result in most other browsers disappearing in the oblivion of irrelevance. And that’s exactly how you suffocate the open Web.
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22 days ago by mikael
Programming Fonts
The most useful group of fonts I’ve found for programming are the Proggy fonts. Sadly, the site hosting these fonts has died. Fortunately, I had backups. I’ve listed the fonts below, along with screenshots.
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23 days ago by mikael
Flightradar24 — how it works?
Let’s see how Flightradar and similar other services works.
airplane  traffic  crowdsourcing  software  blog-posts 
24 days ago by mikael
Hey guys. This morning I woke up and deleted all my social media. My Instagram, Twitter, and personal Facebook accounts (I deleted my Facebook business page a year earlier), all gone. I ghosted from the party. As a small business, it’s a bold move (if not insane) to walk away from such successful pages (I had over 60,000 followers between the three platforms). But I had had enough, and here’s why.
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4 weeks ago by mikael
Fixed Monospace Sizing
I did leave out another way to make monospaced fonts behave as expected, which you may have already figured out from the preceding: declare the font-size for any parent of a monospaced element to be a length value, along the lines of body {font-size: 12px;}. That will pass the length value down the document tree to the monospaced element via inheritance, which will use it without resizing it in every browser I tested.
typography  webdev  tutorials  blog-posts 
4 weeks ago by mikael
Centering: The Newest Coolest Way vs. The Oldest Coolest Way
Here's accomplishing the same thing with the most modern methods available:

body {
display: grid;
height: 100vh;
margin: 0;
place-items: center center;
css  layout  tutorials  blog-posts  webdev 
5 weeks ago by mikael
Unicode Emoji 12.0 — final for 2019
Emoji 12 image Emoji 12.0 data has been released with 59 new emoji.
unicode  emoji  blog-posts 
6 weeks ago by mikael
Surly — Karate Monkey Suspension
For 2019, the Karate Monkey SUS version features a 140mm travel Rock Shox Sektor RL suspension fork and a dropper post out the box.
blog-posts  bikes  cycling 
7 weeks ago by mikael

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