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C++ Lambdas aren’t magic, part 1 🧙 – Topher Winward – Medium
In this article I aim to demystify what a lambda really is under the hood, but note that this is not a beginner’s guide to lambdas. I’m assuming you have used C++ lambdas before in some capacity, and that you understand the basics of C++ classes and template programming.
C++  lambda  Intro  Tutorial  TopherWinward  blog 
2 hours ago by dlb
Web Development and Advanced Techniques with Linux on Windows (WSL) - Scott Hanselman
I've posted several times on the Windows Subsystem for Linux that allows you to run Linux on Windows 10 without a VM. Check out my YouTube on Editing code and files on Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10. There's just one rule. You can mess with Windows files from Linux but you can't mess with Linux files from Windows. Otherwise, go crazy and enjoy.
ScottHanselman  2018  WSL  blog  Development  Intro  Tutorial  Windows  Windows10  Linux  links 
2 hours ago by dlb
UX 四神湯 UXeastmeetswest – Medium
UX 四神汤是四位台湾清大毕业的 UX 海外工作者所建立的内容平台,每周定期与读者分享海外工作心得与生活经验,内容涵盖美国与大陆的工作环境、互联网巨头与新创公司的组织方式与 UX 实务技能分享。
6 hours ago by charlsy
Get happy developers to do what you want – The Composition
As a software organization — maybe as an architect, or technical lead, or SRE, or infrastructure team — how do you get developers to code in a certain way? to be consistent with the rest of the organization, to follow your 
preferred practices? Getting developers to do anything is supposed to be like herding cats.
Change the cost, change the behavior.
teams  blog 
12 hours ago by pks

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