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According to a recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is keeping a watchful eye on the insurance industry and, the direct sales channel has been a particular focus of the regulator’s attention.
ASIC  insurance_advertising  blog_article  melbourne_insurance_brokers 
march 2018 by donmegga
David Dean is a partner of a small legal firm. David’s in his mid-30’s and has a wife and two small children. While out cycling one weekend, he was accidentally knocked off his bike and suffered a major spinal injury.
income_insurance  blog_article  melbourne_insurance_brokers 
march 2018 by donmegga
A guide to shift planning via skill set
In a world where efficiency is key, having schedules where a certain required skillset is not available is unacceptable…
workforce_management  blog_article  business_software  riteq 
march 2018 by donmegga
Private: 5 reasons why Excel leads to bad business decisions
While Excel is still the number one tool used worldwide today for quick data analysis, using it to drive corporate decisions can expose the user to several risks or drawbacks.
workforce_management  blog_article  business_software  riteq 
march 2018 by donmegga
7 reasons why People Analytics is transforming HR
People Analytics comprises seven key elements that can dramatically impact on your organizations annual labour costs and thereby improve bottom line profitability, enable investment in new…
workforce_management  blog_article  business_software  riteq 
march 2018 by donmegga
How will your business have to adapt to the NDIS rollout?
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a ground-breaking change to the way disability services are funded and delivered. It is a social reform on the scale of the introduction of Medicare
workforce_management  blog_article  business_software  riteq 
march 2018 by donmegga
New Development Centre Will Help With Education Gap
SYDNEY, Australia – 19th July 2017 – Aiming to fill the training and education gap in the emerging discipline of People Analytics, Australian-based specialist provider of workforce management and analytics solutions RITEQ has today launched its RITEQ Education Centre.
workforce_management  blog_article  business_software  riteq 
march 2018 by donmegga
Ladder Fall Injuries on the Rise, Focus on Safety is a Must | Attic Group Blog - Attic Group
Recent data on ladder falls has shown a steep rise in ladder fall injuries over the past decade by almost 47%, the vast majority of which are non-workplace accidents, occurring in the home.
blog_article  home_improvement  ladder_safety  attic_ladders 
march 2018 by donmegga
6 Expensive Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters - Porter Vac Blog
It might seem as if you are saving time and money on not clearing your roof gutters of leaves and other debris, but what about the long-term health of your property?  Find out why regular gutter cleaning to deal with clogged gutters is important to the health of your property investment.
home_improvement  blog_article  clogged_gutters  gutter_cleaning 
february 2018 by donmegga
Storing Your Christmas Decorations for Next Year | Attic Storage Blog - Attic Group
This guide will help you store your decorations in a way that protects them from damage, so you can enjoy getting ready for Christmas, rather than being a chaotic and stressful experience.
christmas_decorations  attic_storage  blog_article 
january 2018 by donmegga
H.264 is magic:
a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.
A nice description of H.264 and video compression
sidbala  blog_article  tech  video  compression 
january 2018 by tinatth
In the High Stakes Game of Gutter Cleaning, Who Will Prevail?
The cost barriers to entry to getting equipped to offer a gutter cleaning service has dramatically dropped in the past year or so, and as a result there have been many newcomers and tradies offering it. While the plummeting price of time-saving technology is a wonderful thing, simply possessing easily affordable equipment to do the job doesn’t necessarily give the best value to their customers.
home_maintenance  blog_article  gutter_cleaning 
december 2017 by donmegga

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