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Storing Your Christmas Decorations for Next Year | Attic Storage Blog - Attic Group
This guide will help you store your decorations in a way that protects them from damage, so you can enjoy getting ready for Christmas, rather than being a chaotic and stressful experience.
christmas_decorations  attic_storage  blog_article 
11 days ago by donmegga
H.264 is magic:
a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.
A nice description of H.264 and video compression
sidbala  blog_article  tech  video  compression 
18 days ago by tinatth
In the High Stakes Game of Gutter Cleaning, Who Will Prevail?
The cost barriers to entry to getting equipped to offer a gutter cleaning service has dramatically dropped in the past year or so, and as a result there have been many newcomers and tradies offering it. While the plummeting price of time-saving technology is a wonderful thing, simply possessing easily affordable equipment to do the job doesn’t necessarily give the best value to their customers.
home_maintenance  blog_article  gutter_cleaning 
4 weeks ago by donmegga
Education of a Programmer – Hacker Noon
When I left Microsoft in October 2016 after almost 21 years there and almost 35 years in the industry, I took some time to reflect on what I had learned over all those years. This is a lightly edited…
career  education  programming  blog_article 
april 2017 by bradendouglass
Angular 2+ and Ruby on Rails user authentication – Medium
TD;DR: We’ll create a simple Rails & Angular (2+) web application that allows a user to create an account, login with it and view his profile using Devise and token authentication. This tutorial…
blog_article  ruby  api  javascript  rails  angularjs 
february 2017 by bradendouglass
Growing Your Own Web Framework With Rack
In this post, we'll give a short overview of what rack. We'll then start a build of a simple rack based web application.
blog_article  web  ruby 
february 2017 by bradendouglass
Ship Small Diffs
Building a web application is a young and poorly-understood activity. Toolchains for building code in general are widely available, relatively older, and they also happen to be closest at hand when…
blog_article  git 
february 2017 by bradendouglass
Our journey migrating 100k lines of code from AngularJS to React (Chapter 1) | Small Improvements
This post summaries our strategy, patterns and lessons learned from migrating from AngularJS to React/ Redux.
blog_article  angularjs  reactjs 
february 2017 by bradendouglass
Why I work remotely — Quartz
Building software for startups is a huge challenge. Not because writing the software itself is that hard, but most startups have managed to create the least optimal places to do work. In my 10+ years of experience as a software engineer at startups, I cannot trust employers to provide me with an adequate work environment,...
work  blog_article  remote 
february 2017 by bradendouglass
Vue2 + TypeScript2 -- an introductory guide | Abitrarily Idiosyncratic Randomness
Safety check and error detection are important to development experience. Vue has gone to great lengths to provide component information when typos or mistakes happen. But we can do better, error repo
javascript  vuejs  blog_article  typescript 
january 2017 by bradendouglass

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