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Matches writers and clients - sophisticated algorithms
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may 2019 by tomjlowe
Why Aren't People Commenting on My Post/Story/Whatever?
15% were planning to get back to that post later. It's open! It's in a tab! Or it's in Read Later!, busy, you know how it is. (Of course, if you're counting every comment and comparing it to a master list, maybe you don't know how it is. In that case you'll just have to trust me.)
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may 2019 by elfwreck
How to make your journal not suck for people who don't like your style
A Brief Overview of the Philosophy of Dreamwidth Styles
An introductory guide to using HTML and CSS in an accessible way, or:
how to make your journal not suck for people who don't like your style
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february 2019 by elfwreck
[soc/anthro] The Recipe, Or What you don't know about LJ/DW
Recommended Minimum Weekly Posts by Type:
0.5 diary entry
3 pointers
0.5 bleg
0.25 op ed
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january 2019 by elfwreck
A Programmer’s Introduction to Unicode – Nathan Reed’s coding blog
Very good; actually talks about combining characters, normalisation, comparison, and clustering
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january 2019 by Wyatt
How Dreamwidth today is different from Livejournal fifteen years ago.
Then strikethrough happened, and blah blah blah, at the end of the day, fandom decided that having a central fic archive where we owned the servers was probably a really good idea (this left, and has always left, fan artists and vidders out in the cold, but it worked really well for fic). More and more people joined AO3 and posted fic there, fewer and fewer bothered crossposting it to comms on LJ. The transition happened slowly, but it did happen. Now you didn't need to be on an LJ comm to find fic, you could just go on AO3, and fan artists had started to decamp to other places where they got more eyes on their stuff. Comms started to slow down.
blog_post  meta  fandom  communication 
december 2018 by elfwreck
Porn Is Becoming Taboo Again
After decades of helping to define the internet, porn seems to be on the verge of becoming taboo again, pushed out of the public eye and segregated into the dark, seedy corners of the internet. For those who’ve long been accustomed to adult content having free reign of the internet, it’s a shift that feels dramatic and sudden. And yet the truth is that these changes are the result of a slowly building backlash, one that’s been gaining ground for years.
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december 2018 by elfwreck
In Loving Memory: Everway
Everway is billed as “Visionary Roleplaying” for its use of images and symbols. The more obvious parts are the images in Vision Cards and the Fortune Deck, as well as the character sheets.
gaming  blog_post  review 
november 2018 by elfwreck
Neil Gaiman's Journal: Tonight Live Streaming, and, hitherto unseen, a poem (unfinished)

I can't get into Heaven, 'cos of all that I've done wrong
And I can't get into Hell because the lines are far too long.
blog_post  neil_gaiman  poetry  quotes 
november 2018 by ToasterFaerie
Making Light: Urban arrivals
"A story starts when somebody comes to town."
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november 2018 by ToasterFaerie

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