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Jason Kander leaves Kansas City mayoral race to seek PTSD treatment
>Last week, his campaign broke a fundraising record for Kansas City. “But instead of celebrating that accomplishment, I found myself on the phone with the VA’s Veterans Crisis Line, tearfully conceding that, yes, I have had suicidal thoughts,” he wrote. “And it wasn’t the first time.”
october 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
Kansas woman told birth certificate wasn’t enough to prove citizenship for passport | News |
>After weeks of unreturned phone calls and unanswered questions, Barbara contacted U.S. Senator Jerry Moran’s office for help. The senator’s office launched an inquiry and followed up with another. A few days later, Barbara received her passport in the mail, with no explanation.
september 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
The Big Idea: Jaine Fenn – Whatever
>This positive early experience left me with a yen to one day write a book whose protagonist driven to discover how the universe works without the tools or support of a scientific establishment.
Haven't read it yet, but Scalzi is often dead on with his Big Idea picks.
september 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
Basra, Iraq protests: Protesters have torched nearly every government building - Vox
>Official Iraqi government statistics put the chemical contamination of Basra’s water at 100 percent, and the bacterial pollution at 50 percent.
september 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
Safety Culture and the Associated Press | Hapgood
>When norms are clear (don’t cut in line) they are more enforceable than when they are vague (don’t be a dick at the grocery store).
september 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
The Future Is Going to Be Great! – Mother Jones
I wonder about Kevin's assertation that genetics and epigentics will be found to be overwhelming determinative of talent and skill. How will that square with studies that show children of wealthier and/or highly educated parents do better academically? (For example, Ta-Nehisi Coates attributes a lot of his success as a writer to his family having a ton of books around and the philosophy that he should learn about Black and African history as a child. So it's not *simply* wealth).
july 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
: 365 consecutive days on Stack Overflow - what I have learned from this experiment 👉🏻…
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july 2018 by vonc
Balkinization: "Constitutional Super Hardball"
>Given the current narrow balance of the Senate, if Senate Democrats orchestrated a walkout (our suggestion would be they all go to Mexico City though Canada might be nicer in the summer months), the Senate would only be able to reach 50 members (because Senator McCain is ill) which is less than “a majority,” and therefore would be unable to “do business” (e.g., act on nominations).
My friend calls this constitutional “super hardball."
I think it's time to play.
june 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox

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