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Fifty blog-description lines
“My, that coffee smells good.”
3 days ago by M.Leddy
Why We Do What We Do - The Big Picture
Path to Success

3. Media: We are often asked why we blog, write, and publish.

Here is why: I am deeply, morally offended by the amount of dishonest, atrocious fuckery I see.

I am fortunate to have a platform upon which I can pushback against the nonsense; this blog (Typepad circa 2003) morphed into the Washington Post (2X/month) into Bloomberg (Daily). Having an ability to counter whatever nonsense we see is a responsibility I take seriously.
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5 days ago by fallond
Audience Ops Done-For-You Content Service
Learn about the done-for-you content marketing service by Audience Ops. Power up your blog content and email marketing with this end-to-end service.
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6 days ago by jake101
Bloggers in Tanzania Must Now Register & Pay over 900 USD for an Annual License to Publish Online
Alongside scores of independent blogs and social media pages, Tanzania's most popular independent news and user comment site, Jamii Forum, have shut themselves down in anticipation of the country's soon-to-be-implemented “blogger tax.”

On June 15, 2018, Tanzanian bloggers will have to register and pay over $900 USD per year to publish online. If blogs and other types of online content, such as YouTube channels, operate after June 15 without a license, they may be punished by a fine “not less than five million Tanzanian shillings” (around $2,500 USD), or imprisonment for “not less than 12 months or both.”

While the registration fee and subsequent fines are steep, many bloggers say the concern is not just about the money but also about the complexity and ambiguity of obliging the new regulations.
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7 days ago by W6AZ
Make blogging beautiful — Anchor CMS
Anchor is a lightweight blogging platform with a focus on simplicity and elegance.
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7 days ago by e2b

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