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Opportunity is a new note in Evernote - created on March 17, 2018 at 06:26PM
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yesterday by pauljacobson
A quick (battle) field guide to the new culture wars • Ribbonfarm
Venkatesh Rao:
<p>I haven’t yet gathered my thoughts on this whole theme properly, besides drawing my map, but I did tweet a bunch yesterday (March 5), throwing out some initial thoughts on the culture wars topic. I’m compiling them here.

The overarching theme of these tweets is this: there is a war on, and except for the low level of actual killing, it is a real war, not an allegorical or metaphoric one. The most visible battlefields are online forums like Twitter, Facebook, and various well-connected regions of the blogosphere. But there is also plenty of old-school direct action on the streets, in traditional media outlets, and behind closed doors.

The combatants include professional cyberwarriors and seasoned amateur guerrillas pursuing very well-defined objectives with military precision and specialized tools. Then there is the small but highly skilled corps of shitposters whose skill at information warfare is matched only by their fundamental incomprehension of the real damage they’re unleashing for lulz. And finally, masses of clueless patsies being programmed like insect swarms by all sides. What Renee DiResta labeled always-on mobs in her post last year.

In other words, there is a war on, it’s very real, causing real pain to many, and involves huge consequences hanging in the balance, from the future of academia and the conduct of science to the future of the planet itself.

Believe it or not, the swinging of a presidential election is actually a fairly minor chapter in the ongoing saga. When it’s all done and over with, and the dust has settled somewhat, I believe we’ll look back on this era as being as consequential in reshaping the future of the United States and the world as the Civil War.</p>

This is a deeply fascinating post by Rao, and really obligatory reading if you are on social media at all. His comment on conspiracy theorists - they aren't going to go away, and you might as well treat them as being from a parallel universe (I paraphrase) is worth the time in itself.

It's also a concerning post. But knowing you're in the midst of an infowar is perhaps the most useful information you can have.
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yesterday by charlesarthur
Does Business Still Get Results in 2017? New Data from 1,000 Bloggers [Infographic]…
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2 days ago by pamneely
iOS Dev Directory - like an old school blogroll expanded to a comprehensive directory on a single topic
The iOS Dev Directory is a comprehensive list of blogs & sites covering iOS development. Whether it's about coding, design, marketing or anything in between, if a blog or site is related to iOS development it should be listed here.
This site was built and is maintained by Dave Verwer, author of iOS Dev Weekly.

The directory is categorised, jump to any of the categories below:
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2 days ago by W6AZ
Indestructible Field Book by Elan Publishing - Waterproof, Tearproof & Weatherproof
Waterproof, tearproof, weatherproof notebook
Like many Cool Tools readers, I have long carried a pocket notebook for quick notes and logs of conversations or information I don’t want to forget. I used to carry Moleskines, but they were not really satisfactory for back-pocket carries and eventually fell apart. Though I liked their aesthetics, I shared a common complaint about the flimsiness and “bleediness” of their paper. My search for a durable pocket notebook is over. This “Indestructible Field Book” by Elan Publishing, a longtime maker of teacher’s record books, lives up to its name. I will never be without one again. I am giving away any other spare pocket-sized notebooks.
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3 days ago by W6AZ
Things to Consider When You Are Serious About Driving Traffic to Your Blog | Write!
Are you one of those businessmen disappointed with the fact that pouring money into a professional website doesn’t bring visitors? Make a deep breath and calm
3 days ago by kger
Share code snippets as images
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3 days ago by superq

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