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Linux Performance Monitoring and Tuning Introduction
An interesting guide and good advice at the end to do things iteratively.
Missed a few points about context switching.
The 100% CPU utilization notes are wrong.
Some versions of top will show cpu utilization above 100% if they are multicore systems.
500% utilization across 32 cores is not nothing but it's not necessarily overloaded either.
linux  performance  blogs  list 
2 days ago by po
Cisco Design Community (Medium)
Блог дизайн-команды Cisco.
UX  teams  blogs  articles 
3 days ago by jvetrau
Submissions – Voices On Cental Asia
Voices on Central Asia covers a broad range of topics on Central Asia, from politics and current events to art and music. We welcome texts in various formats: op-eds, ethnographic reports, critiques, and any other form of analysis. Posts are usually limited to between 750 and 2,000 words, but exceptions can be made to allow longer posts. We encourage authors to submit additional data from their research or reporting—photos, videos, figures, etc.—alongside their texts.
CFPs  Central_Asia  blogs  Blogs-to_write_for 
3 days ago by profcohenmiller
Psychology In Action
good source of research-based articles explaining psychological concepts and related areas
psychology  blogs 
3 days ago by GreggInCA
Gaël Duval – Hacker Noon
Mandrake Linux founder, /e/ mobile OS founder.
Blogs  OnePlus_2  Smartphone 
4 days ago by platykurtic
The Lloyd Alexander Blog
"A blog dedicated to American fantasy author, Lloyd Alexander, his life, his writings, and the documentary film about him."
books  fantasy  blogs 
5 days ago by jimmykduong

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