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After the porn ban, Tumblr users have ditched the platform as promised - The Verge
Since Tumblr announced its porn ban in December, many users reacted by explaining that they mainly used the site for browsing not-safe-for-work content, and they threatened to leave the platform if the ban were enforced. It now appears that many users have made good on that threat: Tumblr’s traffic has dropped nearly 30 percent since December.

Tumblr’s global traffic in December clocked in at 521 million, but it had dropped to 370 million by February, web analytics firm SimilarWeb tells The Verge. Statista reports a similar trend in the number of unique visitors. By January 2019, only over 437 million visited Tumblr, compared to a high of 642 million visitors in July 2018.
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yesterday by dancall
Everyone Nods: The Dragnet Style Files
The spare production style of Dragnet, one episode at a time. This was the city.
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2 days ago by xr
Dancing the flip-flop

"flip-flop (n.) the process of pushing a work of art or craft from the physical world to the digital world and back, often more than once."
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2 days ago by nodalpoint
Why Artists Prefer CLIP STUDIO to Photoshop for Digital Illustration
CLIP STUDIO PAINT is very focused on creating illustrations, in particular illustrations for comics. Every tool in the program lends itself to the creation of a comic book, including the multi-page “story mode”, which gives you a glance of every page in your comic book in one view, and the ability to quickly add word balloons with tails. CLIP STUDIO can also import 3D models and render them as if they were line work, making the creation of background and characters much easier. The biggest thing CLIP STUDIO PAINT has going for it though, are its brushes. When using the various brushes offered in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, you experience the most natural feeling brushes in a digital program. So for illustration and illustration of comic books, the better choice is CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
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4 days ago by e_t_k

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