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Polar Explorers
Complete 10 challenges before all the ice blocks melt! (and save the south cryosphere!) The story: Being part of a team of enthusiastic young explorers on a polar quest to save Antarctica from global warming. Throughout your expedition, you encounter many challenges linked to different areas of scientific research, different time frames and other common problems. Your team also learns a lot about equipment, climate, animals and natural phenomenons.
antarctica  game  boardgame  exploration  globalwarming  climate  climatechange 
3 days ago by sspela
Five Life Lessons with Drachenturm
As happens in the life of every board gamer who's bothered to reproduce, there comes a time when your central preoccupation is the inculcation of cardboard and rulesets, dice and phases, punchboards and baggies. Brainwashing, to put it less nicely. All parenting is brainwashing, hopefully with more positive results than negative. During our semi-regular visits…
boardgame  parenting  games  children 
11 days ago by fiamh

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