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The “We Didn’t Start The Fire” Longevity Infographic
All I ever really knew about Doris Day was that she was right after Harry Truman in the opening lyric of Billy Joel’s 1989 laundry list blitz “We Didn’t Start The Fire”. So when I saw the news that…
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june 2019 by TomasMartinez
RT : Happy Birthday to , born this day in 1941.
Here is Dylan at the Grandstand on Aug. 30, 1990.…
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may 2019 by LibrariesVal
RT : We came across this gem of a letter yesterday. Beware those Folksinging Beatniks!
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january 2019 by aslakr
EDLIS Café - Reference books for Dylan on vinyl
Vinyl collectors will have these reference books upon their shelves, if you are new to bootleg vinyl and wish to look to the past you will want them all.

Dreau, Jean Louis & Mr. Smith. Nobody Has Any Respect. 1995.

Roques, Dominique. The great white answers: the Bob Dylan bootleg records. [Salindres]: Southern Live Oak Productions, 1980.
New York : Dell, 1980.

Stavrou, Ray. The Bob Dylan Underground Discography. 2013-
4 volumes. [unofficial vinyl records of Bob Dylan from 1969 – 2015] the newest edition of: Stavrou, Ray. A Vinyl Headstone Almost In Place. 2001-
Volume 4 covers 2012-2015.
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september 2018 by W6AZ
Spirit Grooves Archive • View topic - Hitchhiking with Bob Dylan
I remember being there with Perry Lederman and Bob Dylan back in 1961. Lederman is how I met up with Dylan. They were already friends. Perry Lederman was a phenomenal instrumentalist on the guitar. If Dylan and I were in touch, we would still marvel at what a player Lederman was. Lederman played Travis-style, which we used to term ‘3-finger picking’ and his playing was unmatched. Lederman was not a vocalist, and when he did sing it was not special, but he could play like no one I have ever heard. When Lederman took out a guitar, people would listen and marvel. Each song was like hearing a mini-symphony, with an overture, the main them, variations, and an ending.

I traveled with Lederman a number of times and later in 1964 spent time with him during the year I spent in Berkeley where both of us were living at the time. After that I don’t believe I ever saw him again. He died some years ago now and, although there was a CD issued after his death, it was not of his early playing, but something later and not representative, a shadow of himself.

Perry Lederman was also expert at finding and selling old Martin guitars, scavenging them out of attics and garages, fixing them up, and selling them. While traveling with Lederman I have seen some of the best and rarest old guitars in the world, like double and triple-0 martins with intricate perfling around the edges, rosewood and ebony bridges, and intricate inlaid necks and headstocks, sometimes with the Tree-of-Life design. It would be hard to put a price of any kind on these guitars today. I had one for a while, an old koa wood Hawaiian guitar. I wonder what I ever did with it? Anyway, back to New York City.

I have memories of Izzy Young and the Folklore Center on MacDougal Street in the village. We would hang out there because we had no place else to go and also because that is where you met other players and like minds. Back then we all smoked all the time, Lederman, myself, Dylan, everyone. Cigarettes, caffeine, and some alcohol. That was the thing.
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september 2018 by W6AZ
Dust-to-Digital » Goodbye, Babylon - Their 1st ever - box set available again $100
“I recently got a gift from Bob Dylan, a good old friend of mine. He gave me a gospel collection of great old American music and early country roots from old 78s. It’s the original wealth of our recorded music; it’s the cream of the crop and has the history of each recording. It’s a great old set called Goodbye, Babylon, and it’s incredible. It’s in a wooden box and everything, and it’s just so beautiful.” — Neil Young on Weekend Edition
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september 2018 by W6AZ
Bob Dylan - Photo Gallery, The Official Web Site of the Nobel Prize
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july 2018 by jimjulian
EDLIS Café -Kemp, Louis. The Boys from the North Country - Random House 2018
The Adventures of Bobby and Louie

Kemp, Louis. The Boys from the North Country: my Life with Robert Zimmerman and Bob Dylan. New York : Random House 2018.

"Kinky Friedman is helping Louis Kemp write The Adventures of Bobby and Louie, a memoir about his childhood friend and future Nobel Laureate, Bobby Zimmerman. In addition to knowing Dylan from a young age, Kemp, among his many accomplishments, also owned Kemp Fisheries, was co-road manager of the Rolling Thunder Revue tours, and supplied the salmon at The Band’s Last Waltz in 1976. He also lived with Dylan for a few years in the mid-1980s. Kemp has already shared a story about attending a Passover seder with Marlon Brando and Dylan, where the singer-songwriter performed an impromptu, solo version of “Blowin’ in the Wind.”

Near the end of the interview on the Fab Fourum, mostly conducted by journalist and co-host Bill Flanagan, Friedman said, somewhat sarcastically, “There’s a book that we are wrapping up now, on Bob Dylan .... I’ve concluded that what the world really needs is another book about Bob Dylan, this one is not a biography. It’s written by Louie Kemp, with Kinky Friedman, kinda like that. And Louie was Bob’s childhood toboggan companion, met him when they were ten years old at Jewish summer camp (Camp Herzl), and from that time on, Louie had, for 55 years, an all access pass to Bob’s life. And this book has stories in it that you won’t believe ... This is not a tell-all type of thing at all.”

At this point, Flanagan interjected, “It sounds like a book Bob would not want to have out!” Friedman dryly countered, “Well, here’s what I have to say to that. Bob hasn’t read it yet, because nobody has, because we’re just finishing it up. But, what I say is, if Bob likes it, that’s good, you know, and if Bob doesn’t like it, that’s better! But I think he’s gonna like it.” Flanagan added, “We hope he likes it!”

Friedman’s final words about the book were, “There are 200 biographies of Bob, maybe more than that, and nobody has this. That’s because Louie was the only other guy there. So it’s called The Adventures of Bobby and Louie, and it’s very much painting a very different portrait of Bob than I think has been seen, and it’s kind of like a Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn (story), I guess. Y’know, it’s mischievous, and it’s been a joy to write, and it’s all non-fiction. Louie’s not making anything up here. It will be out on Random House in the next four to six months, maybe something like that.”
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july 2018 by W6AZ

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