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Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age - The New York Times
The agonies of being overweight — or running a diet company — in a culture that likes to pretend it only cares about health, not size.
weight  NYT  taffyakner  bodies  fat  fatness  dieting  dietculture  weightloss 
12 days ago by laurenipsum
Instructions For When You've Endured As Much As You Can By Cassandra Khaw
Insert here:

a knife between the fifth

rib and the sixth, below the lung,
poetry  bodies  words 
12 days ago by alclaexman
Future of Humanity Institute
FHI explores what we can do now to ensure a long flourishing future.
>>FHI is a multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oxford. Academics at FHI bring the tools of mathematics, philosophy, social sciences, and science to bear on big-picture questions about humanity and its prospects. The Institute is led by founding Director Professor Nick Bostrom.
>>Humanity has the potential for a long and flourishing future. Our mission is to shed light on crucial considerations that might shape our future.
Oxford  future  humanity  institute  bodies  risk 
4 weeks ago by spencertree
corpus_invictus | An Unfair Wager
Kirk, despite being let off shift several hours before him, is still working. He's clad only in his worn sweat pants and looks as though he's fresh out of the shower, but his attention is devoted solely to another of those infernal data PADDs, shooting Spock a cursory welcoming smile before focusing on his reports again.

Spock says nothing, making a beeline for the bathroom and sparing a moment to wish he was back on Vulcan (or rather, he corrects himself with a pang, New Vulcan), where every family dwelling was equipped with a large stone bath. He longs for a soak in steaming hot water, the kind that would result in first or second degree burns for Kirk and nothing but bliss for himself. He tries to replicate the experience by soaking his forearms in the sink for a bit, but the water isn't anywhere near hot enough, and the awkward angle he has to achieve in order to keep his wrists submerged isn't doing anything for the pain throbbing in his hands. Finally he gives up, leaving his clothes in an uncharacteristically messy pile on the floor and stepping into a pair of pajama pants before making his way to their bed.

He's rubbing at his wrists in a futile attempt to ease the ache when he settles next to Kirk, curious what he's working on even if he'd like to toss the gadget across the room. "Research on that stupid weed Sulu decided he had to bring back," Kirk explains, shifting not at all subtly closer to him. "Bones said if he has to spend one more day draining purple pus out of the crew, he's going to make me wash out the biohazard pans."

Normally he would make some sort of quip regarding who exactly commands this ship, or maybe even agree with the doctor's method of punishment. But he's tired and he hurts, so he simply remains silent, still rubbing his wrists absently while he looks over the information plastered all over the tiny screen.

Kirk keeps working for a few more minutes before the silence gets to him, looking over at him questioningly. "Something wrong?"
st:aos  kirk/spock  bodies 
7 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Society of Construction Law
Society of Construction Law has worked to promote for the public benefit education, study and research in the field of construction law and related subjects (including adr, arbitration and adjudication), both in the UK and overseas.
>>The Society now has 2962 members from all sectors of the construction industry. It is run by a Council of 20 elected members.
>>The Society holds frequent meetings and other events in London and around the country.
bodies  construction  llaw  societies  experts  adjudication  protocol  claims 
7 weeks ago by spencertree
Construction Clients’ Group | STRATEGIC FORUM
The Construction Clients’ Group (CCG) sits at the heart of Constructing Excellence, assisting clients to obtain better value from the construction process by understanding their leadership role when procuring and delivering building and infrastructure assets to fulfil business and the wider built environment needs.
>>The CCG is the only client representative body that works across all sectors of industry, supporting both informed large repeat clients and the less experienced clients that do not have consistent build programmes or in-house expertise to call upon.
>>The four seats available to the client college of the Forum are shared with our collaborating client partners:
British Property Federation
Government Construction Board
Local government Association
Infrastructure UK Client Group
bodies  collaboration  construction  clients  excellence 
7 weeks ago by spencertree
Constructing Excellence – excellence through collaboration
Constructing Excellence is a platform from which to stimulate, debate and drive much needed change in the Construction sector. Our thought leading members from the entire supply chain – clients, industry and users – share a vision for change through innovation and collaboration.
>> Constructing Excellence is funded and governed nationally by corporate membership, and invites anyone who wants to be part of the change process to become active members.
bodies  construction  industry  excellence  Egan 
7 weeks ago by spencertree

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