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Declare the Strand Bookstore a City Landmark? No Thanks, the Strand Says - The New York Times
Declare the Strand Bookstore a City Landmark? No Thanks, the Strand Says
The beloved independent shop with 18 miles of books says that landmark status for its building could be a death blow.
Corey Kilgannon. NYTimes. December 3, 2018

. . . . .

That the Strand could be threatened by its own preservation seems like a plot twist worthy of one of its books, she said: The very agency entrusted with preserving the city’s treasures is endangering one of them.

Another rich twist, Ms. Wyden said, was that the move coincides with the announcement that Amazon — not exactly beloved by brick-and-mortar booksellers — plans to open a headquarters in Queens, after city and state leaders offered upwards of $2 billion in incentives to Amazon and its multibillionaire chief executive, Jeff Bezos.

“The richest man in America, who’s a direct competitor, has just been handed $3 billion in subsidies. I’m not asking for money or a tax rebate,” Ms. Wyden said. “Just leave me alone.”
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Requiem for a bookstore: Caravan writes its final chapter
Requiem for a bookstore: Caravan writes its final chapter
Thomas Curwen. The Los Angeles Times. March 2, 2018
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I’m on the same page as the ‘bookseller from hell’. Here’s why | Stephen Moss | Opinion | The Guardian
I’m on the same page as the ‘bookseller from hell’. Here’s why
By charging customers to browse in his shop, Steve Bloom is fighting back against online shopping with the traditional weapon of his trade – misanthropy
Stephen Moss. The Guardian. 5 January 2017
The book dealer Driff Field (aka Drif, Driffield and Dryfield) used to publish a marvellous guide to secondhand bookshops – when they were numerous across the UK. Most of those bookshops have now disappeared – and Driff’s guide ceased publication in the mid-1990s after six treasurable editions. All killed by the wretched internet. Driff understood secondhand booksellers exactly: they were generally men of a certain age who had been disappointed in life. Books were their only solace – friends who never let you down.

The abbreviations Drif uses in his guides are inspired. FARTS: “Follows around recommending the stock.” GOB: “Grand old bore.” WYLAH: “Watches you like a hawk.” “WEBCOC: “Was expecting a better class of customer.” His summings up are magisterial: “V. erratic but will answer if you ring bell. FARTS. Rumoured to be closing down.” He is especially good on booksellers who don’t actually want to part with their stock. The books are their friends, remember. Why should they sell them to an oik like you?

Mr Bloom is one of the last, honourable remnants of this dying breed.
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Yesterday’s Papers: Posada Art Books, a Dutch miracle in Brussels
Yesterday's Papers
by Huib van Opstal

Writing this in memoriam of art book seller Martijn Oleff (1942-2014), an indispensable resource for me was an interview in Buijnsters, 2013:

Dutch book historian Piet J. Buijnsters published his latest book in 2013, when he was 80 years of age, a history of the antiquarian book trade and the love of books in Belgium, a work applauded as a 'trailblazer' — titled Geschiedenis van antiquariaat en bibliofilie in België (1830-2012). In this 432-page book Buijnsters included 35 of his personally conducted interviews with Belgian antiquarians and collectors. In the Summer of 2010, one of these was held at Posada Art Books in Brussels with an antiquarian who already knew the days of both his bookshop and his life were numbered: Martijn Oleff, who gushed out a wide range of names and details that once inspired his career. Almost 'a long monologue' according to Buijnsters.

Interviews with antiquarian booksellers, collected in book form, in any language. Do you know any?

via : SHARP-L
Huib van Opstal

lovely essay.
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BOOKTRYST/ Alastair Johnston: Henry Lemoine: The Last of the Walking Booksellers
August 13, 2012
author of Typographical Antiquities, or History of the Art of Printing (London, 1797), etc etc., publisher, compiler of tracts, bookseller
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The Last Book Sale
Author Larry McMurtry Sets Auction of 300,000 Books.
Anna Russell. WSJ. "a version of this article appeared July 14, 2012).

On Aug. 10, the novelist and screenwriter will auction off more than 300,000 books at a two-day event he's calling "The Last Book Sale." (Mr. McMurtry's novel "The Last Picture Show" was made into a movie of the same name.) The books will be auctioned off from the shelves of his bookstore, Booked Up, in groups of about 200, each containing several valuable books.

Mr. McMurtry, who built his inventory by buying up the stock of secondhand bookstores and personal collections around the country, said he also has selected 100 books of special interest to him for individual auction. Among them: a very early Navajo autobiography and a novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky's daughter. Of the latter, Mr. McMurtry said, "I've never seen it before or since."
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The Man Who Took on Amazon and Saved a Bookstore - Forbes
on Jeff Mayersohn and Harvard Book Store. by Phil Johnson, Forbes, 10 May 2012
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