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Resilient Web Design book
I wrote this book to highlight some of the approaches to web design that have proven to be resilient. I didn’t do this purely out of historical interest (although I am fascinated by the already rich history of our young industry). In learning from the past, I believe we can better prepare for the future.
book  online  webdesign  design 
9 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Odds & Ends: Introducing Probability & Decision with a Visual Emphasis
A textbook introducing philosophy students to probability, decision theory, and the philosophical foundations of statistics.
book  statistics  probability  logic  decision-theory 
13 hours ago by spl
This new book looks good - Strategic Privacy by Design by R. Jason Cronk
A new handy guide to implementing privacy by design, written from a practitioner's perspective.
book  privacy  privacybydesign  design  strategy  guide  dataprotection  security  methodology 
15 hours ago by corrickwales

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