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GitHub - amejiarosario/dsa.js-data-structures-algorithms-javascript: Data Structures and Algorithms explained and implemented in JavaScript
Data Structures and Algorithms explained and implemented in JavaScript - amejiarosario/dsa.js-data-structures-algorithms-javascript
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11 days ago by sistrall
Getting on? Serve others, deepen relationships, embrace the spiritual
Per the ideas of Raymond Cattell QUOTE Crystallized intelligence, in contrast [to fluid intelligence: "the ability to reason, analyze, and solve novel problems"], is the ability to use knowledge gained in the past. Think of it as possessing a vast library and understanding how to use it. It is the essence of wisdom. Because crystallized intelligence relies on an accumulating stock of knowledge, it tends to increase through one’s 40s, and does not diminish until very late in life.
8 weeks ago by fjk4
Penguin Huddle
An adjustable bookshelf for Penguin by Jasper Morrison.
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may 2019 by fogfish
Rural broadband plan is a gift of billions to private firm - McWilliams
QUOTE The State will inject about €3 billion of funds up front, and the private company will cough up about €2 billion – but most of this will come only once the network is up and running. [So] there is little injection of risk capital from Granahan McCourt. This raises the question of what Granahan McCourt is bringing to the table. Securing finance in a world of zero interest rates, where the financial markets are falling over themselves to finance government-backed infrastructural projects, is not difficult. In fact, money has never been easier to raise. This company will get the contract, then raise capital through borrowing from the markets. These borrowings will be underwritten by our State subsidy. Therefore the risk is on the State, not the leveraged company. And now the coup de grace. The Department of Finance estimates that Granahan McCourt will have paid back all its borrowings by 2028. At which stage it will own the Irish broadband network. And we will be in its pocket. How does that make you feel?
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may 2019 by fjk4
Rayner: Le Cinq of Paris restaurant review - Guardian [9APR17]
Must read review of overprice restaurant in Paris
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may 2019 by fjk4
McWilliams - Dublin’s too-high crane count is disturbing [20APR19]
QUOTE Most of [Dublin's commercial property boom] is not being financed by the domestic banking system but by a new network of “shadow banks”. These shadow banks are international funds that behave like banks in the way they take in deposits from wealthy investors and lend money out to others, but they are not in fact identified as banks. Such outfits are taking advantage of historically low interest rates by promising their investors higher yields than they would get on deposits in normal banks. Once they get the cash in, the shadow banks scour the world looking for yield – and that is how they arrived in Ireland.
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april 2019 by fjk4
KEWLOX® - Design opbergmeubelen - gemaakt in België
aanpasbare meubelen met schuifdeuren, opbergoplossingen op maat voor uw slaapkamers, zithoeken, keukens, kantoren, bibliotheekruimtes...
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april 2019 by volpelino
Kahn-Harris - Denialism: what drives people to reject the truth - Guardian 3AUG18
QUOTE While everyday denial can be harmful, it is also just a mundane way for humans to respond to the incredibly difficult challenge of living in a social world in which people lie, make mistakes and have desires that cannot be openly acknowledged. Denialism is rooted in human tendencies that are neither freakish nor pathological.
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march 2019 by fjk4

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