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RT : What has said now that has provoked such a response from Number 10? Also, why would ultim…
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RT : is a racist,& so bereft of morality- he'll stoke fascism to try to become PM. But besides the media's…
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6 weeks ago by dotcode
Garden Bridge backers 'may have breached legal duties'
The trustees of London’s garden bridge, including actor Joanna Lumley and the former Labour minister Lord Davies, could have breached their legal duties over the failed project, that cost taxpayers more than £40m, according to a leading lawyer.
[Jason Coppel QC, an expert in public and procurement law] said any potential breach of trustee duties was particularly relevant over the decision by the trust to sign a construction contract for the bridge despite there being a series of planning-related hurdles to overcome and the necessary private sector funds having not been raised.

The decision to press on with the construction contract led to public losses, initially capped at £16m, increasing to an estimated total of £46m by the time the scheme was cancelled in 2017.
The project, championed by then London mayor, Boris Johnson, was intended to be majority-funded by private donations. However, the bulk of the money spent came from the £60m in public funds handed to the project.
by:PeterWalker  from:TheGuardian  geo:London  BorisJohnson  JoannaLumley  GardenBridge  urbanism  JasonCoppel  Charity  fraud 
7 weeks ago by owenblacker
The road to Brexit was paved with Boris Johnson’s Euromyths
It’s not every day that a country appoints as its global representative a known liar, a character for whom gross exaggeration, insult and racist innuendo seem utterly untroubling, a man apparently devoid of deep conviction about anything other than his own importance. “It wouldn’t surprise me now if Britain put Dracula in charge of the ministry of health,” scoffed the German politician Rolf Mützenich, spokesman for diplomatic affairs at the SPD.
For many in EU circles the former London mayor’s reputation for mendacity pre-dates the referendum campaign. Nobody has forgotten his activities as a journalist in Brussels, where he was correspondent for the Daily Telegraph between 1989 and 1994. The French tend to mythologise “Anglo-Saxon” journalism as the pinnacle of ethics and rigour, but Johnson was the incarnation of the gutter-press dictum: never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Indeed, this is what a grinning Johnson often remarked to his foreign counterparts when they protested about his exaggerated stories.
Even worse, Johnson created a school of EU reporting: the entire British press, to varying degrees, began peddling Euromyths, fuelling the kind of Europhobia that no UK politician dared to stand up to, and which ultimately has now led to Brexit.

Johnson as politician applied similar methods: so despite a previous ambiguity about the wisdom of Britain leaving the EU, he became head of the leave campaign, never hesitating to lie or insult Britain’s EU partners if it furthered the cause. And, just as when he was a journalist, he had no problem admitting his own lies the day after the referendum victory.

Yet none of it has prevented him ending up at the head of the British diplomatic service. The global face of Britain is now a buffoon (as many in Brussels describe him), whose word is as reliable as a used-car salesman’s.
by:JeanQuatremer  from:CommentIsFree  BorisJohnson  politics  Brexit  geo:UnitedKingdom 
7 weeks ago by owenblacker
Don’t worry, a no-deal Brexit won’t be allowed to happen
In reality, everyone knowledgeable about Brexit agrees on what will really happen if there is no deal in March. Nothing will change. Planes will keep flying. Ferries will keep loading. Channel Tunnel officials will wave vehicles through. Orders will go out to keep moving, and await further instructions. People at the coalface of the European economy cannot afford the posturing, vanity and idiocy of the Brexit parliament this past week. They have lives to live and mouths to feed. A closed border with the EU, not least in Ireland, would be like closing the Berlin Wall after it had reopened. There would be riots. That is why crashing out would not mean hard Brexit, but rather remain in all but name. When Brexit fantasy hits practical reality, reality will win.
by:SimonJenkins  from:CommentIsFree  Brexit  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  BorisJohnson 
8 weeks ago by owenblacker
Opinion | Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain - The New York Times
“He knows that the verdict of history is about to come down on him — and bury him.”
BorisJohnson  politics  Brexit  profile  review  critique  UK  NYTimes  2018 
9 weeks ago by inspiral
Opinion | Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain - The New York Times
Because Mr Johnson and Mr Gove were confident that the Leave campaign was a hopeless cause, they were free to make ridiculous claims that they had no expectation of ever having to fulfill. They said that Brexit would make Britain both richer and more independent, with more money for the National Health Service, much greater control of immigration and continued friction-free trade with Europe.
Every earnest warning from the other side — about how any Brexit would damage trade, business and jobs — was dismissed airily by the Brexiteers. There were no costs or downsides in this vision of the future.

This casual dishonesty has had devastating consequences.
The Conservatives’ leaders cannot admit to the electorate that they were deceived without splitting the party. And instead of apologizing for misleading voters, Mr Johnson and the other Brexiteers have doubled down, taking refuge in optimistic slogans and vapid promises, refusing to believe the increasingly agitated evidence from hospitals, airlines, farmers, supermarkets and factories that a hard Brexit will damage them all.
Two years ago, the side effect of Mr Johnson’s ambitious maneuvering was to split the country and risk the prosperity and security of all Britons for decades. Now, just as a fragile basis for negotiation emerges, his selfish drive for vindication, attention and admiration threatens that, too.
by:JenniRussell  from:TheNewYorkTimes  Brexit  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  BorisJohnson 
9 weeks ago by owenblacker
Ah the Special Relationship: says Britain “in turmoil” & “a friend” of his, as heads to Europe…
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10 weeks ago by kohlmannj
Boris Johnson and David Davis resign: As it happened - BBC News
Boris Johnson resigns as foreign secretary amid growing crisis over UK's Brexit strategy
Brexit  BorisJohnson  DavidDavis  BBCNews  Resignations  EuropeanUnion  Crisis  Politics  UKPolitics 
10 weeks ago by dk33per
RT : didn't resign when he offends whole countries.
Or when he was caught lying about NHS.
Or when he caus…
BorisJohnson  from twitter_favs
10 weeks ago by kohlmannj

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