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has been accused of lying about claims concerning during the . My legal team and I…
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4 weeks ago by parsingphase
The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class
Describing Britain’s calamitous exit from its Indian empire in 1947, the novelist Paul Scott wrote that in India the British “came to the end of themselves as they were” — that is, to the end of their exalted idea about themselves. Scott was among those shocked by how hastily and ruthlessly the British, who had ruled India for more than a century, condemned it to fragmentation and anarchy; how Louis Mountbatten, accurately described by the right-wing historian Andrew Roberts as a “mendacious, intellectually limited hustler,” came to preside, as the last British viceroy of India, over the destiny of some 400 million people.

Britain’s rupture with the European Union is proving to be another act of moral dereliction by the country’s rulers. The Brexiteers, pursuing a fantasy of imperial-era strength and self-sufficiency, have repeatedly revealed their hubris, mulishness and ineptitude over the past two years. Though originally a “Remainer,” Prime Minister Theresa May has matched their arrogant obduracy, imposing a patently unworkable timetable of two years on Brexit and laying down red lines that undermined negotiations with Brussels and doomed her deal to resoundingly bipartisan rejection this week in Parliament.

Such a pattern of egotistic and destructive behavior by the British elite flabbergasts many people today. But it was already manifest seven decades ago during Britain’s rash exit from India.
by:PankajMishra  from:TheNewYorkTimes  Brexit  imperialism  geo:BritishRaj  EarlMountbatten  DavidCameron  TonyBlair  TheresaMay  BorisJohnson  geo:UnitedKingdom  geo:Ireland  partition 
4 weeks ago by owenblacker
11/ is also here giving out £350m notes to the protesters (compensation perhaps?) 🤔 hugely popular wi…
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4 weeks ago by sabatini
The lies and liars of Brexit
I generally see politicians as just as weak and flawed and human as anyone else – no better than the rest of us, but no worse either. But while we all make mistakes, all sometimes lack a little courage, I find it hard to forgive lying. Especially deliberate, persistent and – most of all – consequential lying. And that is really what the Brexit mess is all about: lying. Pretty much everyone involved in this whole sorry mess is lying about something, and sometimes about more than one thing.

It’s hard to know where to begin with the list of lies and liars, but I suppose my old chum David Cameron is as good a start as any. He lied about Europe and immigration: he knew very well it wasn’t the poison that the liars of Ukip said it was. But instead of challenging the lies, he went along with them, then lied by suggesting he believed Britain’s EU relationship was fundamentally flawed, when in fact he knew it worked fairly well. Then he lied about how much he could achieve by renegotiating that relationship, and lied about how much he’d actually achieved in that renegotiation. Then he fought a referendum offering an end to the EU membership that he’d just (falsely) told the electorate was rubbish.
by:JamesKirkup  from:TheSpectator  Brexit  politics  BorisJohnson  DavidCameron  TheresaMay  propaganda 
9 weeks ago by owenblacker
Night of the long knives for I guess he must be feeling relentless twitter fear tonight
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11 weeks ago by kexrex
Brexit is a class betrayal. So why is Labour colluding in it?
This much we know: whatever the stories of the millions of people who ended up backing it, Brexit originated in the failure of successive Conservative leaders to adequately deal with a tribe of uncontrollable Tory ideologues, and in the ingrained tendency of post-Thatcher Conservatives to play fast and loose with the livelihoods and security of the rest of us. In an awful instance of irony, the misery and resentment sown by the deindustralisation the Tories accelerated in the 1980s and the austerity they pushed on the country 30 years later were big reasons why so many people decided to vote leave. What also helped was a surreal campaign of lies and disinformation, both during and after the referendum campaign, waged by entitled people with their eyes only on the main chance.

These things are part of a vast charge sheet not only against the modern Conservative party, but an alliance of old and new money that has set the basic terms of British politics for the past 40 years. Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson were educated at the same exclusive school as the prime minister whose idiotic decision to hold a referendum gave them their opportunity. Nigel Farage and Arron Banks are archetypal examples of the kind of spivs who were given licence to do as they pleased in the 80s. For all their absurd bleating about “elites”, we all know what these people represent: the two faces of the modern English ruling class, who have long combined to be nothing but trouble.

Which brings us to the question that, for all my lingering ambivalence, I cannot shake off: if the Labour party leadership is so radical, and allied with the best leftwing traditions, where is its anger about what these people have done?
by:JohnHarris  from:CommentIsFree  Brexit  austerity  class  Labour  geo:UnitedKingdom  ArronBanks  NigelFarage  BorisJohnson  DavidCameron  JacobReesMogg 
november 2018 by owenblacker
Who is SICK TO DEATH of fraudulent criminal bastards like , criticizing…
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november 2018 by sabatini
Brexiteers are angry not just with Theresa May, but with reality
There is also a deeper reason why Brexiteers are so angry. Mrs May represents the reality principle in a political world dominated by fantasy and wish-fulfilment. She didn’t fluff last year’s election only because of a wooden campaign and a botched manifesto. She also fluffed it because a more or less equally divided nation was not willing to give her carte blanche to pursue a hard Brexit. She didn’t blur the red lines of Lancaster House just because she was manipulated and deceived. She blurred them because she is trying to avoid terrible hazards such as a breakdown of trade with the EU or the imposition of a hard border in Ireland. Irving Kristol, the godfather of neo-conservatism, described his tribe as liberals who have been mugged by reality. Brexiteers are Tories who are furious that reality has proved to be more stubborn than they imagined.

They believed that leaving the European Union would be a cake walk. Liam Fox pronounced that “the free-trade agreement that we will have to do with the EU should be one of the easiest in human history.” John Redwood averred that “getting out of the EU can be quick and easy—the UK holds most of the cards in any negotiation.” In fact, leaving the EU is likely to be one of the hardest bureaucratic exercises in post-war history. That is not just because the EU is determined to make it difficult (though it is), but because unravelling 45 years’ worth of trading regulations is inevitably complicated and time-consuming.
from:TheEconomist  Brexit  TheresaMay  BorisJohnson  LiamFox  JohnRedwood  geo:UnitedKingdom  politics 
november 2018 by owenblacker
Boris Johnson has 'given up hope' of replacing Theresa May - Business Insider
Boris Johnson has told friends he has "given up hope" of becoming Conservative leader due to fears that he would come a humiliating fourth or fifth place.
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november 2018 by yorksranter
Brexit: UK government to host summit on why other countries should join the EU
Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrats’ Brexit spokesperson and a supporter of the Best for Britain campaign, said: “Someone at the Foreign Office must have a sense of humour in organising a conference to promote membership of the EU for the Western Balkan countries. Just as we seem set on leaving the EU, we start advising others to join. Government policy would not look out of place in the theatre of the absurd.”

Mr Brake said of foreign secretary Boris Johnson: “This just shows how incompetent Boris is. I wouldn’t let him run a bath, let alone the Foreign Office.”
"Britain’s attitude to other countries joining the European Union appears unchanged since its own decision to leave. In September 2016 Mr Johnson, who campaigned to leave the EU, confirmed Britain would still push for Turkey to join the block – even though Mr Johnson’s Vote Leave campaign played on the spectre of Turkish accession to drive the Leave vote. Turkey has technically been a candidate since 1999 but talks have all but ground to a halt.
by:JonStone  from:TheIndependent  Brexit  geo:UnitedKingdom  geo:EuropeanUnion  geo:Balkans  BorisJohnson 
october 2018 by owenblacker
The Brexit fanatics go for broke. This is their chance of counter-revolution
The feeling among Scottish nationalists and Irish republicans, that a hard Brexit will make union with an England that no longer cares about how the nations of the UK voted ever less attractive, is once more a product of the right’s determination to inflict the most damaging Brexit imaginable on these islands. From a purely party interest, a no-deal Brexit, or one that cuts British business off from its largest market, will destroy the Tories’ unearned reputation for economic competence and further alienate the young and the professional middle classes whose votes the Conservative party will need one day.
David Davis, John Redwood and the older Brexit crew were against the social chapter from the moment of its inception. Meanwhile, Andrea Leadsom outbid them all when she dreamed of a future when there was “absolutely no regulation whatsoever — no minimum wage, no maternity or paternity rights, no unfair dismissal rights, no pension rights — for the smallest companies that are trying to get off the ground”.

Leaving the EU can make their dreams come true, as Davis came close to admitting in 2016 when he told a City audience that his “alternative strategy” was to compete with the EU by offering “lower tax, softer regulation and other strong business incentives”. It is not coincidental that so many of the loudest supporters of Brexit are against gay rights.
The greater dishonesty was that the EU referendum was never just about the EU. It was a howl of rage from Thatcherites, who cannot accept that their ideology failed, from the old against the young, and from all who could not make their peace with the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the environment science of the 1980s and the multiculturalism of the 2000s. Their leaders see the chance to abolish a modern world they neither like nor comprehend. Hence their fanaticism. Hence their determination to go for broke and tolerate no compromises.
by:NickCohen  from:CommentIsFree  Brexit  politics  Conservatives  AndreaLeadsom  DavidDavis  JohnRedwood  LiamFox  BorisJohnson  JacobReesMogg  ArronBanks  geo:UnitedKingdom 
october 2018 by owenblacker
RT : What has said now that has provoked such a response from Number 10? Also, why would ultim…
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september 2018 by robajackson
RT : is a racist,& so bereft of morality- he'll stoke fascism to try to become PM. But besides the media's…
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august 2018 by dotcode

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