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Charting the Great Twitter Bot Purge of 2018 / Observable
"Here are 32 charts showing follower counts over the past year for a mix of Twitter accounts, some which had been caught with fake followers by the Times investigation in January, along with a dozen other celebrities." Are these sparklines? Not quite?
datavisualization  graphs  twitter  followers  bot  purge 
7 hours ago by danhon
Probot | GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow
GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow

Use pre-built apps to extend GitHub, and easily build and share your own.
github  bot  tools 
5 days ago by VoxPelli
Design and deploy conversational apps faster. The complete solution for designing conversational user interfaces.
AI  bot  development  MacOS 
6 days ago by chrismyth
Textstelle is a collection of corpora for the creation of bots and other things that generate text.
text  bot  data  german 
7 days ago by kwbr

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