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Brad Eberhard: abstract art and abstract thoughts - Los Angeles Times
"Whether as a result of this real world experience or just by nature, he displays little interest in art world small talk & speaks of his work w/ broad sense of perspective...

What appears to interest him is the particular experience that the painting — not an object, as he describes it, so much as a bundle of human decisions, a "marshalling of resources" — is capable of engendering...

I think there's beginning to be room, 50 years after Abstract Expressionism, to maybe, in small amounts, talk about feeling in art. Which is crazy."

He points, by contrast, to the field of music, which tends to access emotion much more freely. It is a subject in which he has experience, being lead singer in a rock band, Wounded Lion.

"I think somebody's got to figure out how to talk about emotion in art in a way that's not corny," he says. "It's a blind spot. You know how there's this joke in physics: assume a frictionless universe? You can't assume an emotionless viewer. It doesn't exist.""
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august 2010 by robertogreco
Wounded Lion – “Wounded Lion” | BUDDYHEAD
"Wounded Lion makes me think of The Wipers (mainly homeboy’s vocal delivery), Talking Heads (maybe I’m only hearing this influence cuz Talking Heads is all I’ve been listening to lately), Wire, Brian Eno (been rocking lots of this too so that could just be me), Velvet Underground and maybe even The Ramones. The more I think about it, scratch The Ramones… that would prolly offend the dudes in Wound Lion cuz they sucked (cuz they made the same record about 60 times). My point is, Wounden Lion draw from a tasteful palette of influences and are armed with a great sense of humor, shredding guitars and driving beats! It’s rock n’ roll how it should be… dark but fun!"
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august 2010 by robertogreco
Wounded Lion: Wounded Lion < PopMatters
"Yet beneath the simplicity lies hints that Wounded Lion is capable of something more. They can be found throughout the album in the form of Brad Eberhard’s David Byrne-esque yelp and the momentary bursts of jittery chord strumming, as well as individual stand out song moments, such the driving bass intro and rhythmic stabs of “Silver People” and acceleration-into-feedback ending of “Omar Walk”. The Wounded Lion bunch aren’t garage rawk dummies, as interviews that reference Plato, William S. Burroughs, and the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight can attest. There is a sort of crude artiness in how the band crafts these minimalist rockers, as if the simplicity of the music is a point in of itself, bringing to mind the deconstructed art-punk of early Wire. Still, it’s the moments when the band changes things up that are most compelling, which indicates that the group might want to expand its efforts beyond crafting yet another batch of house party-friendly two-chord riffs."
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august 2010 by robertogreco
Dusted Features [ Listed: Trentemøller + Wounded Lion ]
"Los Angeles’ Brad Eberhard is well known for his modern art, which defies easy categorization. He counters that part of his persona with music that is easily, even comfortably identifiable as the lead singer of Wounded Lion. The band’s ramshackle pop conjures indie touchstones like the Clean, the Modern Lovers and countless bands that formed and faded in the early 1980s. Dusted‘s Doug Mosurock wrote in Still Single two years ago, “I like Wounded Lion, a sloppy, slightly arty pop band from Los Angeles, fusing scruffy college-rock ideas with earnest, even sincere make-believe lyrics.” Eberhard and Co.’s self-titled debut LP was just released on the dependable In the Red label last week."
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august 2010 by robertogreco
Wounded Lion | Interview | Tiny Mix Tapes
"Los Angeles' Wounded Lion have been quietly building up steam for the last few years with three stellar singles. Even without prior knowledge of their avant-garde videos, it's natural to make the connection between Wounded Lion and their interest in the arts. The fact that so many of their songs seem to create visual scenes may have to do with the heavy concentration of visual artists in the band. The band boasts two painters, a video director, and a graphic designer. Despite their directness, the songs often feel as though they are begging for interpretation. From songs about big boots to accounts of the Dagobah system that include cars and don't even touch upon green muppets, Wounded Lion have a way of taking you so close the the familiar that you see it anew. Musically, and lyrically, everything is clearly laid out in front of you — you just don't always know it immediately."
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august 2010 by robertogreco
Orange County Music - LA's Wounded Lion Take Pride in Making a Lot Out of a Little - page 1
"For a certain kind of person (crazy or just nice?), it’s instantly charming. Devo did this, the Clean did this, and the Mekons did it almost better than anyone. You can sing along on the second chorus as soon as you understand the words in the first. You can play it yourself whenever you care to learn. You can laugh the first time you hear it and laugh a different way the very next." ... "“My worst nightmare in the world is the Decemberists!” he says. “I hate the music, I hate his voice, and most of all, I hate the lyrics! This notion of literary rock! If you’re intelligent and you really wanna communicate, you’ll speak clearly. Some people think if you’re intelligent, you’ll obfuscate. Like that proves you’re smart? It’s similar to the urgency of rock music—there isn’t time! You must not care that much if you’re gonna dick around.”"
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september 2009 by robertogreco
Joshuah Bearman: From The Brad Eberhard Files
"Brad once told told me that he was perusing detailed liner notes from an Adam Ant box set of some kind and was extremely gratified to learn that Adam Ant was the only white musician to play the Motown 25th Anniversary concert in 1984. This is the kind of information Brad has at his disposal. The other day, Brad sent me the following email: "[...] I began learning how to use garageband yesterday. my socks were wet and it affected the computer. time was a circle and a line was drawn accross its face. the circle was 50 years wide. I followed he line and there was joe meek.""
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february 2009 by robertogreco
Anomalous LA: The World of Wounded Lion
"Wounded Lion’s formula is relatively simple. The band writes shambling, alternately silly and poignant songs that bend and twist timeless pop hooks from the sixties onward. On their debut S-S 7 inch, Eberhard’s lyrics concern pony people and a girl named Carol Cloud. They’re funny on their own, but Eberhard sells them with his languid approach and straight-faced honesty. When it works, and it usually does, it feels as though Eberhard is gloriously unaware of the separation between the real world and his fantasy world, a place where troubles are coupled with and defused by raw imagination. We know he’s goofing, but it doesn’t matter. The band has pulled us in; we’re helpless."
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february 2009 by robertogreco
"There’s a certain joyousness in our performance, and perhaps that’s what the person was noticing? You know—we’re a rock ‘n’ roll band but we’re not nihilistic."
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february 2009 by robertogreco
LA Weekly - Art/Books - Some Paintings - Doug Harvey - The Essential Online Resource for Los Angeles
"Wounded Lion front man and Svengali Brad Eberhard ditched his old-school Squidism for fields of luminous jostling shapes that seem to be cohering briefly into partially unfolded schematics of the world — room interiors, furniture, landscapes — before
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january 2008 by robertogreco
Time Machine at High Energy Constructs
"Elonda Billera, Jessica Bronson, Joyce Campbell, Scott Cassidy, Greg Colson, Mike Cronin, Sean Duffy, Alexandre Lobanov, Dana Maiden, Monique Prieto, Antonio Adriano Puelo, Ian Svenonius: Time Machine - curated by Brad Eberhard @ High Energy Constructs (
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november 2007 by robertogreco
Dennis Hollingsworth: Brad Eberhard
"We were in Brad Eberhard's studio on York Boulevard in Highland Park. Here are a few shots of the paintings he had on hand and a few notes of things we talked about that evening"
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november 2007 by robertogreco

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