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Homepage - Emotiv
EMOTIV is the pioneer of simple to use, high quality, mobile EEG technologies. Recognized and validated by the scientific community and developers worldwide, our brain wearables offer access to advanced brain monitoring and cognitive assessment technologies at affordable price points.
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yesterday by sebbi
BBC - Future - An effortless way to improve your memory
"A surprisingly potent technique can boost your short and long-term recall – and it appears to help everyone from students to Alzheimer’s patients."
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2 days ago by gavin
Sundar Pichai, shares a floor with Google , a research lab dedicated to
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3 days ago by jhill5
Exercise Professionals - Brain-boosting exercise builds immune system and fights fat – study...
how does exercise promote brain health and reduce stress? and how does this same mechanism also work to prevent diabetes and obesity. research from Karolinska Institutet
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4 days ago by clmza225
applied to rhythms allowed researchers to differentiate Females and Males just by analysing t…
brain  DeepLearning  from twitter_favs
4 days ago by danbri
BBC - Future - An effortless way to improve your memory
HN discussion:
... taking the occasional down time – to do literally nothing – may be exactly what you need. Just dim the lights, sit back, and enjoy 10-15 minutes of quiet contemplation, and you’ll find that your memory of the facts you have just learnt is far better than if you had attempted to use that moment more productively.
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5 days ago by Styrke

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