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Why operators are useful - Python-ideas -
Guido's thoughts on why operators (and operator overloading) are a useful feature in programming languages. Essentially, because it engages "system 1" brain processes not "system 2".
GuidoVanRossum  languagedesign  math  brain 
2 days ago by mcherm
Stroke survivors may not get enough blood pressure meds | US News (Kyra Becker, Neurology)
Nearly two-thirds of people who survive an often-deadly type of stroke caused by bleeding in the brain continue to experience high blood pressure because they aren't taking enough medication, new research shows.
!UWM  Area:Neurology/Surgery  stroke  brain  Becker.Kyra 
3 days ago by UWMedicine
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I want to clarify one important principle that people tend to overcomplicate.

"You become what you focus on."

This is very general, let's make it specific:

The dominant thoughts in your mind will eventually come to pass.

If you want to become wealthy, you must have wealth consciousness, first.

You have to think about wealth creation most of the time.


The more you focus on something, the more your subconscious mind thinks: "This is important."

And when you succeed to communicate to your subconscious that something is important to you, you will become obsessed (in a good way).

You will have a burning desire to study the topic more and take action.

Here's another way in which the subconscious mind works for you:

Every thought has a frequency, and when you focus on the same frequency most of the time; you attract similar ideas, people and opportunities which are on the same frequency.

You see Grant, when you are not consciously putting in the effort to focus on something, your focus will be all over the place.

You will not have a burning desire to take action, you won't see the right opportunities and you won't be on the right frequency.

It all starts with how long and consistently do you focus on something.

And to be honest, this principle is more life-changing than you think.

"So how do I start?"

If you want to succeed to achieve your dream body, for example, start by reading/ listening to audiobooks or other content about nutrition and different types of exercises.

Follow people on social media who have the results you want and see how they think about food and exercise.

Be around people who have the results you want and study their habits and beliefs.

Get obsessed about being healthy until you absolutely fall in love with the idea and think about it most of the time.

Repeat affirmations, like:

- I am healthy.
- I love eating high vibrational food.
- I enjoy exercising.
- I weight [desired weight goal] lbs.
- I am excited and motivated to train.

Brainwash yourself in a good way. Visualize yourself having your dream body, how good it feels to fit into your favorite clothes, people complimenting you on how good you look, being proud looking at your reflection in the mirror.

Think about it most of the time, visualize your desired outcome, get curious and fascinated about the topic and fall in love with it.

This is how you change yourself, and by changing yourself you will change your behavior to align with your goals.

You can do that with any topic.

Start today and change your life, literally.

Cheers to your success,
gal_shapiro  advice  focus  mindset  toughness  grit  visualising  brain  subconcious 
3 days ago by writeitdown
We Interrupt This Brain Surgery to Bring You a Violin Solo…
뇌 수술을 받는 동안 바이올린을 연주한 환자, The Guardian
- 바이올리니스트인 환자는 뇌 종양을 제거할 때 자신의 바이올린 연주 능력을 상실할까봐 두려워하였다.
- 의료진은 이 바이올리니스트를 안심시키기 위해 그녀가 수술을 받는 동안 바이올린을 연주할 수 있게 해주었다고
violin  kottke  surgery  brain  2020  guardian 
3 days ago by yun
Deep brain stimulation of the internal capsule enhances human cognitive control and prefrontal cortex function | Nature Communications
Here, we show that VCVS DBS’ effect is explained in part by enhancement of PFC-driven cognitive control. DBS improves human subjects’ performance on a cognitive control task and increases theta (5–8Hz) oscillations in both medial and lateral PFC. The theta increase predicts subjects’ clinical outcomes.
dbs  neural-oscillations  deep  brain  stimulation 
5 days ago by asl2
My school gym has some posters up about how helps the including a note about !
exercise  neurogenesis  brain  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by coty

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