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Highsnobiety built an empire at the intersection of sneakers, fashion, and music
“Everything is now a community,” he told Marc. “It’s not a brand dictating to the community what’s cool anymore… That’s why somebody like Virgil Abloh is so successful, because he’s so entrenched in his community. That’s why he DJs four times a week, not because he needs the money, but because he understands that more than anything, he is interacting with this community. We see our audience as a community, and ourselves as an interactive part of that community.”
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yesterday by allaboutgeorge
We design, write about, and speak on connected devices, mobile apps, and responsive websites.
We can help you be even more awesome
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2 days ago by guildford
HAWRAF is a new design studio. They create work that deals with communication, interaction, and creative accessibility.
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3 days ago by natetharp
Ich habe dann noch etwas Holländischeres gefunden.
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4 days ago by grzbielok

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