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Pumping Breast Milk Changes Its Microbiome
It's not well understood yet, but apparently this was a serious and meaningful study.
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4 days ago by mcherm
Bills would provide protection for pregnant women and new moms | Capital Bureau |
Power’s bill — HB 2593 — would match the state with federal law, which doesn’t limit pumping breaks. It would also require all employers, regardless of size, to provide breaks for pumping milk. Employers wouldn’t have to pay workers during those breaks beyond the time an employer is required to provide paid rest periods.

Through a separate bill, HB 2341, Power also wants the state to require more employers to provide “reasonable accommodation” to pregnant workers.
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17 days ago by brycecovert
All Purpose Nipple Ointment
Thomas Hale version recommended by Kaiser.
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4 weeks ago by lognaturel
How to survive breast pumping while traveling – SheKnows
Breastfeeding moms will need to pump while traveling at some point. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Lactation consultants Barbara Lautman and Nancy Estill are quoted.
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8 weeks ago by UWMedicine

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