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I'm guessing that UK is not going to be involved. No doubt our Government will announce a competing policy…
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yesterday by sabatini
Keir Starmer clashed with Corbyn on Brexit 'to brink of resignation' | Politics | The Guardian
“The only way that her deal is going to get voted down, is if some of the European Research Group vote against it – and they’re not voting against it if they believe one of the options then is a second referendum. The surefire way to get the ERG to vote with the government is to talk about a second referendum,” said a senior Labour figure.
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yesterday by yorksranter
The Brexit Novel? // New Socialist
Three thoughts here: 1) haven't we done this before? 2) there's something worth doing about the wave of gritty northern texts of the 90s vs today's 3) the old station scene in Trainspotting, arguably that wave's defining text, is explicitly about *somewhereness* being thrust upon you.
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yesterday by yorksranter
First UK enforcement action under GDPR and the new Data
The action in question was an Enforcement Notice of the Information Commissioner, served under section 149 of DPA18, on AggregateIQ Data Services Ltd ("AIQ") requiring it to:

'cease processing any personal data of UK or EU citizens obtained from UK political organisations or otherwise for the purposes of data analytics, political campaigning or any other advertising purposes'     
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yesterday by corrickwales
Not actually a parable, but probably should be.
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yesterday by adrianh
The part of Brexit everyone’s been avoiding is finally here: immigration | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian
Brexit was never really about immigration.

Or so liberal leavers fall over themselves to claim, at least. They can’t bear the idea of being associated with a racist backlash and so they insist it was really all about sovereignty; that all those inflammatory posters of dark-skinned migrants queuing at European borders and the cynical scaremongering about Turkey didn’t really have any bearing on the result, and that all they really wanted was just a fairer and more open system in which people could come to Britain more easily from Commonwealth countries.

Even Nigel Farage sounded as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth on the radio this morning, insisting all he ever wanted was control of our borders and equal opportunities for Indians to come here just as Romanians once did.
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