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EU diplomats say talks on the political declaration are stuck on what I - and no one else - call the 3 G’s:…
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6 hours ago by danbri
. is desperately trying to win over the hardliners on the Tory benches by promising tough new i…
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6 hours ago by sabatini
Here’s The Inside Story Of All The Brexit Chaos That Gripped Whitehall This Week
I hope the Mars guy like ate one in front of him. Also, the burger club. aww.
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9 hours ago by yorksranter
Confusion mingles with anger as leafy Esher ponders Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
When I ask what the feeling is about Boris Johnson, the clubhouse explodes in a chorus of “Oh, come on!”
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9 hours ago by yorksranter
UK running out of food warehouse space as no-deal Brexit fears rise | Politics | The Guardian
I had a call the other week from a man from a Danish butter company who wanted to store 11,000 pallets of butter in the UK. We had to turn him away,” said Johnstone.
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9 hours ago by yorksranter
Labour to force amendments that would block a no-deal Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
A debate is now under way at the top of the party over how soon Labour should table a motion of no confidence in the government.
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10 hours ago by yorksranter
The Tory Bid to Oust Theresa May Is Struggling
“My expectation is that the number will be reached and there will be a vote at some point,” Crispin Blunt said in an interview in his House of Commons office under a full-size union flag. “One could argue that it would be better that that vote comes after the vote on the deal. If one were to sequence this properly: one would wait until we had the vote on the deal and then have the vote on the prime minister’s position as leader of the Conservative Party.”// does he mean "vote for it, forget your principles, and go for the throne?"
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10 hours ago by yorksranter
Toppling May risks 'most appalling chaos', says Jeremy Hunt | Politics | The Guardian
Sources played down any possibility of a united intervention from the “gang of five” Eurosceptic cabinet ministers, including Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom, who had hopes of changing aspects of the final agreement.

Critics of the prime minister did little to hide their frustration that a confidence vote had not yet been triggered. Steve Baker, the former Brexit minister and member of the European Research Group (ERG), who has been coordinating the letters campaign, said: “Who knows now? Will MPs do what they said?”
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10 hours ago by yorksranter
EU citizens in UK told they won't face new employment checks in major Brexit climbdown - Business Insider
Employers already need to carry out right to work checks on EU citizens, as they do with all prospective employees. That will not change next March in the event we leave the EU without a deal. EU citizens will continue to be able to evidence their right to work by showing a passport or national identity card. Employers will not be expected to differentiate between resident EU citizens and those arriving after exit.
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12 hours ago by yorksranter
Felixstowe Dockers: Christmas crush at ports threatens deliveries
We employ about 40,000 truck drivers in the UK that are EU nationals. If we suddenly lost access to them, it would punch a big hole in the haulage capacity.”
“Road haulage very tight at the moment,” agreed another source. “We’ve heard of people having to book two weeks in advance, otherwise you wait at the back of the queue for your haulier.”
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12 hours ago by yorksranter
Matthew and Sarah Elliott: How a UK Power Couple Links US Libertarians and Fossil Fuel Lobbyists to Brexit | DeSmog UK
The short answer: yes, it's the American Friends of the IEA, and Sarah Elliott is literally a US Republican official
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12 hours ago by yorksranter

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