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Fitness Tips For Basic Chicks Bro 92: The complete guide. Drunk Mode: GNAR PUMP: Shirts/hats: Facebook: IG: @DomMazzetti Twitter: Internet: Oh trust me I see you peeping my red blazers. Cop here: But like you want the sweats too? No doubt: Fitness Tips For Basic Chicks
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august 2017 by wotek
Sermorelin for Women
“Supplemental parental or enteral Arginine has been shown to stimulate secretion of GH, insulin, and prolactin in humans. Several supplement studies have shown both Arginine and Ornithine to promote GH and insulin secretion with anabolic effects in postoperative patients….because Arginine potentiates the release of pituitary hormones (GH), it can be hypothesized that the beneficial effects of pharmacological doses of the amino acid on protein synthesis, wound healing, and immune function may be mediated via a pituitary messenger such as GH.” Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete by Dr Mauro DiPasquale.
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february 2017 by craniac
BroScienceLife - YouTube
Hilarious videos making fun of bro science (weight lifting culture)
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january 2014 by mzyk83

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