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Brutalist Web Design
"Brutalist Web Design is honest about what a website is and what it isn't. A website is not a magazine, though it might have magazine-like articles. A website is not an application, although you might use it to purchase products or interact with other people. A website is not a database, although it might be driven by one. A website is about giving visitors content to enjoy and ways to interact with you."
brutalist  webdesign  design  guide  guidelines 
2 days ago by eugenexxv
Brutalist Web Design
Guidelines for web design that adhere to the tenets and ethos of Brutalism
usability  manifesto  design  web  brutalism  minimalism  brutalist 
6 days ago by davemee
Brutalism: BrutAl wEbsIteS for mOdern dAy webMAsTeRS.
Warning designers, we are facing an invasion. A “Brutal” invasion of gigantic cursors, crazy hovers and unusable galleries! Brutalism in web design laughs in the...
brutalist  brutalism  brutalistwebdesign  web-brutalism  webdesign  inspiration  via:jpkoudstaal 
4 weeks ago by tribbles

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