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Brooklyn Bugs
"Brooklyn Bugs' mission is to raise appreciation and awareness of edible insects through delicious, fun, and creative programming. After producing NYC’s first festival dedicated to edible insects over Labor Day Weekend in 2017, Brooklyn Bugs received notable press that shared its interest in promoting the gastronomical, sustainable and ecologically friendly aspects of entomophagy or the human consumption of insects.  

We are committed to educate and encourage people that this is not a food trend, but a movement that will continue to grow worldwide."
bugs  insects  food  nyc  brooklyn 
2 days ago by robertogreco
Multiple queue workers using Redis
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
bugs  laravel  redis 
13 days ago by broderboy
issue with sieve forwarding after upgrade to 0.5.1
> The new systemd service file has NoNewPrivileges set to true. You need
> to override that to false and then it should work again.

# Just when think you're safe from systemd, you're not.
linux  bugs  dovecot  systemd 
14 days ago by noah
93946 – Changing device profile to HDMI is reset to default after monitor goes into powersave
For the moment I have made a workaround based on the comment #5 by Alexander, and edited /etc/pulse/ to comment out the line: #load-module module-switch-on-port-available Now the selected HDMI port remains in place and remains selected after the monitor goes into powersave and later when I come back to the computer and re-activate the HDMI connected monitor. However it will be valuable to see how Tanu's suggested remedy for the regression works out in version 9.0, ahead of a more complete fix in version 10.0
bugs  archlinux  pulseaudio 
15 days ago by noah
Why do I land up in __deleted_database__._migrations is not available state? · Issue #5191 · rethinkdb/rethinkdb
> r.db('rethinkdb').table('table_config').filter({db: "__deleted_database__", name: "_migrations"}).delete()
rethinkdb  github  bugs 
17 days ago by atomicules
Miscomputation in software: Learning to live with errors
Computer programs do not always work as expected. In fact, ominous warnings about the desperate
state of the software industry continue to be released with almost ritualistic regularity. In this paper, we look
at the 60 years history of programming and at the different practical methods that software community
developed to live with programming errors.
security  engineering  SoftwareEngineering  bugs  history  ComputerScience 
28 days ago by csantos

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